Friday, August 28, 2009

Camping For A Few Days

Sandra has a three day weekend and the summer is running out, though the nice weather in the Bay Area lasts until the middle of November. Anyway, we're going out to Sandy Beach with Chico the dog to give him a taste of the camping life. We never did take Joe Joe, which is something we probably should have done. Chico likes to ride in the car, whenever he goes outside he runs right to Sandra's car. When the Fed Ex guy came with my fluffy pillows last week, Chico followed him down the walk and wanted to ride in his truck.
There's a chance that Chico may end up with us when we head out on our retirement journey. So, we might as well find out now if he likes the rv life or not.

One More From Kim

This is Zombie For Your Love. Its the first single from her new cd. Something I'll have to pick up,

Another One From Kim

This too is pretty raw, but I love it.

Another Rockabilly Filly

This is a raw clip of Kim and her Jags singing Kiss and Tell.

More Josie

This clip is not as good as the other one, visually. But the song is good.

Josie Singing Rockabilly

Here's a Josie Kreuzer cut I found on YouTube. Someone from Buenos Aries had used her name as a search and this blog came up. Give it a listen.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pay Attention To This

I poached this from the Bacon Eating Atheist Jew. Pay attention to it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Missed The Day

And I bet you did too. But, last Sunday was Go Topless day here in America. In fact, here's the link.

From The FFRF

“The impotence of God is infinite.”
-- Anatole France (French writer, 1844-1924), Under the Rose, 1925

A Cheating Killer Dies

OK, that's probably pretty harsh. But its all true. Edward Kennedy came from a family of privilege and riches. So, what does he do with the gifts given to him? Why he gets kicked out of Harvard for cheating (1951) and he kills Mary Jo Kopechne (1968) In fact, and lets not forget this, he left her in the car to drown while he saved his own skin. And, he got away with it. So, yadda yadda yadda what a great man he was as Senator. But, he cheated in college and killed a gal in a car accident. It looks to me that the man was lacking in integrity. He's no hero from a family of non-heros.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



What other kind of ice cubes would there be?

The Facebook Truth

This Made Me Chuckle

I Had One Of These

Back in the day, the guys I played ball with (George M and Mark M for example) would ride my ass for having a size 8 head. They used to call me "Mister Potato Head" and one year for Christmas they went to Toys R Us and bought me one. Rat Bastards.

A Cool Pic

Thirsty Horse

This Is Interesting

I'm not sure I'm that daring.


Its nice to know that Florida Gov Charlie Crist is putting prayer notes in Jerusalem to protect Florida from hurricanes. This is the third year in a row that God hasn't smoted Florida with a hurricane. Here's the link.
Now, if this really works, why is the Govenor so selfish? He should be praying for world peace, the end of hunger and all worldly possessions given to the poor, as well as all prayer being done behind closed doors. Oh, wait. Can't let that Bible get in the way of a good prayer. Actually, what he really should be praying for is for an amputee to grow back his/her missing limb. Now there's a God I could follow.

This Kills Me

I poached this link from Reed. I can only imagine that my pals Todd and Rich O don't rank Barney Frank high up in their esteem.

And This Kills Me Too

Rick Pitino is a very successful college basketball coach who got his hand caught in the coochie jar. But in America, as long as you're a winner, you can do damn near anything and not get in any real trouble. Of course if you're OJ, you can only go to the well so many times before you come up empty and spend your life just outside of Lovelock, NV.

Even In Ancient Egypt

Our Lord, the Flying Spagetti Monster, lives.

I've Had Hair Like Jesus

Now I wonder why all the paintings of Jesus show him with long hair when The Word says its shame.

The Smallest RV

This Is According To Grant

I'm A Cheap Date

This may be a good thing. The Sunshine turned 14 yesterday and we went out to eat at Back 40 Texas BBQ. I had a 22oz Fat Tire and it tasted really good. I also drank a couple of regular iced teas and ate like a pig.
So, I get home and try to get to bed. I feel just queasy enough to know that the 16oz beer would have been the better choice. Booze tends to interfere with my sleep and sure as shit it did last night. I wake up Monday and my head hurts and I'm slow witted. Jesus, 22 ounces of beer does that to me? What a cheap date!
Why might this be a good thing? I have booze issues on both the X and Y sides of the equation. And its not like you regular readers haven't figured out I've got issues. So, its a good thing that my physical makeup doesn't allow me to pound them down and be the town drunk.

The Difference

"If you believe it, its religion. If you don't, its mythology."

Lewis Black

Poached from Stardust. And, I'll interject here that its ALL mythology.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I want one.


I poached this from a series of photos about wildlife in urban settings. But, what caught my eye is that this is #10 Downing St, where the British Prime Minister lives. (who happens to be Gordon Brown) Look how there's only two Bobbies out front. Now, recall the fence around the White House and how you can't get within a hundred yards of the entrance. I guess its not the same in England. Of course, all the security could be out of camera shot.

This Kills Me

This Kills Me

My vote is for the Flying Spagetti Monster.

I'm Working On It

This can never be me. I changed gyms this week, instead of going to the 24 Hour Fitness in Concord, I'm trying the one in Milpitas. Its closer to the freeway and saves me about 20-25 minutes in the car.
I stepped on the scale and it read 319. That's about 20 pounds less than when I renewed my membership. I still think I weigh about 20 pounds less. I don't weigh under 300, as my home scale only goes up that high and won't show the correct weight if you're over. I fit into my work clothes a bit better, my fat belly doesn't show so much from under the shirt.
Sandra, OTOH, has lost almost 50 pounds since the bypass. I'm proud of her.

I've Said It Before

but that Eva Longoria is one good looking gal.

For Todd And Rich O

Looking For Trouble

I came across this interesting tidbit from Cancel The Bee. This blogger got a note from the Miami Herald demanding that he remove the above pics from his blog. The point made is "why is the paper's photographer taking pictures of the dancers instead of the football players and why are these pics on the Miami Herald's website?" Of course he told the Herald to basically piss off, fair use doctrine and all of that. So, I'll ask the same question. Is a picture of a scantily clad dancer toweling off after a rain newsworthy? Or, is it New York Post and Page 3 territory?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

22nd Anniversary

Today is the 22nd anniversary of my hire at the paper. In spite of everything, its still one of the best things I ever did. Less than 4.5 years to the pension.

From The FFRF

“Of all learned men, the clergy show the lowest development of professional ethics. Any pastor is free to cadge customers from the divines of rival sects, and to denounce the divines themselves as theological quacks.”
-- H.L. Mencken, American journalist (1880-1956), Minority Report: Notebooks, 1956

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This Will Not End Well

This Made Me Chuckle

I Love This

This came up in conversation the other day and one of the resident bible beaters at work clammed up when I mentioned this. God says hit the chronic, what's the problem?

Poor Gator

This Kills Me

More Stewie

This made me chuckle.

This Is Pretty Funny

Its a Stewie Griffin song that you can't show on tv.

I Really Do Suck

I like rockabilly music and got turned on to it in the swing/roots revival of the 90's. I bought a bunch of CD's of bands that you've not heard of and played some of them on the trip to Vegas. One of the bands I like is Big Sandy and the Fly Right Boys. I've wanted to see them for a while but for some reason they dropped off of my radar screen.
OK, I'm channel surfing last Sunday and I notice on the public access channel that "Big Sandy" is on at 8pm. Hmmmm, could this be THE Big Sandy?
I turn on the channel at the right time and sure as shit Big Sandy played the downtown Concord Farmers Market. It was taped and the two set show was on the tv. I was pissed that I didn't pay enough attention to his web site to already know this, but was stoked to finally see them play. And, I was not disappointed. What a cool band. I can't wait to see them live and in person. I even wrote Big Sandy an email apologizing for not knowing about the local shows and promising to keep more up to date.

The Grandbabies

Nicole had some errands to run on Sunday, so she dropped the babies by the condo. One of my Sunday treats is to take the paper(s) to Carl's Jr, eat and read. They have refillable sodas so I'm happy as a clam.
Well, the babies kept on asking where I was and wanting to go outside and look for me. Finally, Sandra took them out front with some toys so they would see me when I came walking up (I park on the street)
Sure enough, I'm walking up with a soda cup in my hand and the babies see me. They start calling me and making a beeline to meet me. Of course they want a sip out of the cup as well as a hug and a kiss. They're beautiful babies and its great to be "papa."
Nicole and Chuck are having #3 around the end of next month. Its a boy that I think they're going to name Charles the 4th.
This grandpa stuff is pretty cool.

Kathy Ireland Is One Good Looking Woman

And patriotic to boot. I guess she's on one of the dance shows on network tv.

God My Ass

This is a big Christian copout. For God to hear your prayer but not answer it is bullshit. But, I'm still waiting for an amputee to get his stump regrown. Like that's ever gonna happen.


I can't imagine what this tastes like.

This Is Cool

Look Close

Look at the magazine title. Who isn't paying attention?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Weekend's Poker

The game at Big James' house fell through. Sandra had showered, done her hair and put on some makeup, so we were going out somewhere. Black Oak Casino is about 2.25 hours each way from the house, so we decided to make the drive.
They have a new, non smoking part of the casino and the new poker room is in that part. So, we were free from the tyranny of cigarette smokers while we played poker. We didn't play together, but we both played in two $25 tournaments each. I didn't finish in the money either time, and Sandra came in 4th when her and another player both busted in the same hand. Sadly, the other player had lost more money so he came in 3rd and won $40.
Sandra then played in a cash game and took a whipping. So, we went to the smoking area and played Pai Gao Poker, where Sandra won about $45 and I broke even. Then the long drive home. Still, we like Black Oak better than Jackson, though Jackson (I think) has a new poker room either open or opening soon. The cool RV park is at Jackson as well, and its about 45 minutes less each way.
I did well in the free on line poker so I was hoping my success would continue over to cash play, but it was not to be last Saturday night.

This Kills Me

For Todd And Rich O

Equal time for the right.

Geographical Center Of North America

This is in Rugby ND. The actual center is in a small local lake, so this monument is close by. According to the rv site I poached this from, this is off US-2. Sandra and I will be here one day.

Now THIS Is An Interesting Tattoo

The Golden Girls. On the front of a gal's legs. Go figure.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This Is So Sad, But True

No, no miscarriage for me, just two sad ends to marriage. But, number three sure is a bright spot!

Partial Back Tattoo

I poached this from T&G. I'd like to see her whole back but the top half looks interesting.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I Found It

No, no, not Jesus. But the next best thing, and that's online poker. I'm not rich enough to play for real money, but at you can play with play money and that's how I spent my last two hours. Sandra and I are playing at Big James' house on Saturday night and I need to get some practice in. I started with 100 chips and got over a thousand twice, but ended up with aobut 650. One thing about on line is that I can yell and scream at the screen, unlike my demeanor at a real poker table. It was great fun.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Its Worse In The Land Of Oz

You regular readers have heard me drone on about asset forfeiture. Well, in Australia, its worse than it is here. They have "hoon" laws that let an individual police officer take your car or motorcycle based on his or her say so. And, there's no appeal. Here's a case of a 5 year old getting her 49cc motorbike taken away by the police. Australia needs a Bill of Rights like we have here, though the police don't seem to have to obey the 4th and 14th Amendments too often.

Celebrity Tattoos

I think the top one is of Scott Spezio, the ballplayer. Hell, why not go all the way and have the gal naked on your arm?
And, what can you say about Tom Arnold and Rosanne? That's going to be a tough one to cover up. But, I got the one of the She Devil covered so with enough money and pain, anything is possible.

Rockin Pastafarians

This crew went on a sail trip to the Caribbean and flew the FSM flag along with the pirate fish. I'm so jealous, though if I was in the pic I'd be over the side feeding the fish.

Meesha's Pics

Though you should already be reading Meesha on a regular basis, cruise by here to see some pics of his trip to Chicago.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm on a mission to ride SH-36 from Red Bluff to Fortuna. One of the Pashnit posters says there's 1800 turns on this 140 mile stretch of highway. I don't know when, but I'll tow the scooter(s) to Red Bluff and ride it. Hopefully, Sandra will be back riding again and we can take it one way one day, stay over in Fortuna in a hotel while the RV sits at the RV Park, then we'll ride it back "home" to Red Bluff the next day. I will do this in my life. I will.

I Need To Go Here

The sign says "California's Shortest State Highway." I saw this on Pashnit and I can only ask myself why I haven't been here. Its outside of Placerville somewhere. I can see a destination for a ride the next time I camp at the Rancheria.

Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing

According to the Pashnit rider I poached these from, there was motorcycle racing and factory tents there as well. Do you think Sandra would be interested in the races?