Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is A Good Look

I can't recall seeing a dress like this before.

This Is My Next Halloween Costume

This kills me.

I Never Did This

but I knew people who snuck into the drive in by hiding in the trunk. And that's something the youth of today are going to miss out on. First off, there's hardly a drive in anywhere anymore. And the ones that do exist usually charge by the car, not by the person. Nothing like hearing the movie through that tinny speaker.

I Don't Recall This

I don't recall the Imperial Stormtroopers looking quite this good when I saw Star Wars.

This Kills Me

I'll buy one for Chico.

This Made Me Chuckle

If you don't get it, the bat is shaped like a dildo. Jaden will be scarred for life after his 11th birthday.

How Much Is That ND Tuition?

Back a long time ago, I'd say almost 30 years, Notre Dame played USF in basketball a few times. There was such a demand for tickets that the game was played at the Coliseum. We got tickets and sat almost on the floor, behind one of the hoops. Our seats were in a sea of ND fans and I was a lot more brash than I am now. So, I talked all kinds of shit. I told everyone that the first time Kelly Tripuka drove the lane, my hero Wallace Bryant (another reason I wore #34) would reject his sorry shit.
Sure as well, shit, ND's hoop is at the end we're sitting at and Tripuka drives the lane. As the FSM would have it, Bryant got a big paw up and blocked the shot. I'd had about died and gone to heaven. I just wouldn't shut up. (like that suprises any of you)
That was a long time ago.

Mona Diesel

This made me chuckle.

Friday, October 30, 2009

One More Body Paint Pic

This is a pretty good looking gal in the body paint. You can tell I like stuff like this.

There's A Reason

There's a reason that Van Halen's Hot For Teacher video was so popular. I like the song when it comes on the radio, but I'll also be the first one to admit to loving the video.

This Is A Good Looking Woman

That Scarlett Johannsen is a good looking woman. Can't say I've ever seen her act in a movie.


This Is A Great Pic

Look how peachy the model's skin tone is and how the light warms her appearance. This is a great pic, and your arty nude for the week.

This Kills Me

I Forget Why I Downloaded This

I poached this while on my ride and didn't want to post an interruption to the ride posts. I had a snappy comment to this pic, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.

I'd Do This

Sadly, no trick or treaters come by the condo on Halloween. Maybe the grandbabies will come by.

This Is Good

Just like Sandra, body and brains.

This Kills Me

One For The Ladies

I'll have one for the men a little later.

HD Canyon Carver

Harley makes the Buell brand, for sport riders who want the HD V-Twin. But you don't see a Harley branded cafe racer style bike.

No Complaining Ever Again

If the NFL and NBA refs looked and dressed like this, there would be a lot less bitching about the calls and more people would tune in.

This Kills Me As Well

This Kills Me

Marissa Miller Body Paint

I don't really know who she is, except for she poses in the SI Swimsuit Issue. She's not downstream beer and this is a good pic of the body paint.

I'd Never Go

Sandra would never let me go to the doctor is the nursing staff looked like this.

Sharp Sand Sculpture

I certainly don't have the patience or skill to do something this sharp.

All Over Body Paint

I noticed that people are using Bing to find my body paint pics. I took a look and poached a few. This is way cool.

Sexy Or Scary

You make the call.

This Kills Me

Something to keep the boys warm this winter.

God Smotes Bank

I'm not up on all the moneychangers story in the Bible, but it seems to me that having God "watch your back" in the banking industry is a questionable way to go. That, and the workplace prayer. Since God is supposed to answer all prayers, I guess the owners of the bank didn't pray hard enough. Here's the link.

Way To Go Albertson's

Here's a case where the grocery chain Albertson's had to pay a gal a couple of hundred thousand dollars because they didn't let her go to the bathroom and she peed herself in front of everybody. This, after she came back to work after cancer.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Kills Me

This Shows Imagination

He's a sausage pizza. Of course if it was me, it would be a Vienna Sausage.

This Is A Cool Pic

You don't see this everyday.

This Is Scary

I know I've made a bad tattoo choice, but this one is, uh, interesting.

This Won't Last Forever

In 50 years, kids will be asking "what are you?"

Yet More Body Paint

Pretty cool costumes for Halloween.

More Checkpoint Bullshit

While on my ride, I saw these stats in the Bakersfield Californian. In the previous 12 months, DUI checkpoints in Bakersfield averaged 1441 vehicles stopped and 4 arrests for DUI. 4. Four. BPD claims to be checking valid licenses as well, and they cite 69 people for no license or suspended license.
Meanwhile, over 1300 innocent motorists are stopped without probable cause and interrogated by BPD. For no reason. And all of this allowed by the SCOTUS. We get what we deserve.

I've Been Plugged

Thanks to Sarah for plugging me on her blog. Here's the link. Its good to know that someone shares my sense of humor and love of arty nudes.

Bats Are Dangerous

Here's an article on a Montana lawsuit against Louisville Slugger claiming that the metal bats are dangerous and caused the death of a pitcher who was hit with a batted ball. I haven't seen this in any paper, the link was at The Agitator.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Last Visit From The CHP

We didn't see the CHP out and about on this trip, except for the Monday coming home. Once we got on I-5, we saw at least 8 cars pulled over getting tickets. And the plane wasn't even working.
This pic is in Byron, just off Main St. When I was coming home from the first trip with Sandra and the kids, I wasn't paying attention and was speeding down this very stretch of road. Once I saw the CHP working radar I knew I was a dead man. So, when he turned around I pulled right over. But, I didn't get a ticket. When I was married to Marie, she got my drivers license and car plates blocked. What this means is that when the police run my info, the address comes back "blocked by (the department)" So, in a professional courtesy kind of way, I got out of a ticket. Actually, I think that's also how I got out of the ticket in Hawaii as well.

The trip was tremendous. It was very important for me to go on this with my dad and the V's. I'll remember it always.


Since I've been living with Sandra, I've been through Byron a hundred times. And coming home from this ride was no different. Byron was a railroad town, notice how Main St runs along the tracks. Town is kind of spread out and there's a couple hundred people who live here.

Big Assed Crow

Its hard to see from the pic, but this is one big assed crow. One of the biggest ones I've seen and his partner just flew out of the pic.

The View At Mojave

Out the front door at the 6 in Mojave.

Towing A Plane

I saw this while getting gas in Ludlow.

More Amboy

The bottom pic is of the gas station and cafe. I've gotten soda here in the past, and gas. I've also seen the entire place locked tight. This is the only place I've seen an actual pay toilet, I was here with Charlie and I refused to pay the dime so I crawled under the door to take my poop.

Amboy Crater

This is just outside of town.


Roy's is an iconic part of US-66. Amboy is an historic place on US-66. I've never seen Roy's open or been able to get inside the locked gate.