Friday, November 27, 2009

A Cool Pic

This is a composite of 15 shots taken at Lowe's Motor Speedway. I poached this from Killboy, where I get most all of my car and bike shots.

This Kills Me

The bowl in the old guy's hand should say "tax dollars."

For The Gang Of Three

I Bet She Could Run For President

This Kills Me

We Deserve It

This cartoon of truth explains exactly why we get the government we deserve.

Where's The Jobs?

It won't be much of a recovery if people don't have jobs who have lost them.

More On China

Mark had a good comment a few posts ago that our relationship with China is symbotic.

One More For Turkey Day

This Kills Me

Car Versus Tree And Hydrant

Here's Xavier's take on the Tiger Woods car accident. Its worth a click.

This Is Scary

A 6'7" Model

According to Damn Cool Pics, Eve is the tallest model in the world. I don't think I've ever stood next to a gal who was taller than I am.

This Is Pretty Sexy

This Kills Me

This Is Sharp

This is a better bear tattoo than I have. This guy took a lot of pain for his artwork.

Tag Line

The tag line for this pic is "Focus, sometimes its impossible". I'd be staring too.

Another Follower

It hit me that I had forgotten to welcome Max, from Finland. I don't read Finnish, but his blog is here. So, Max, I've noticed you by a time or two, according to my Feedjit. If you need help understanding the American sense of humor, speak up in the comments and I'll help you out.

Turkey Day

Hell, I got sidetracked and wanted to mention Turkey Day. We had ours on Wednesday night, as I work tonight. Sandra bought a turkey and a ham from Honeybaked Ham and they were both delicious. They both come cooked and the turkey was moist even after sitting for a day or two and being heated up. In fact I had some leftovers on Thursday and it was just as good. The gravy that came with it wasn't all salted up like you may expect. It had flavor without tasting like a saltlick. Chuck, Nicole and the kids came over, as did Susan and Trish and my parents. It was pretty laid back and we all had a good time.
On edit, the Sunshine really put forth a lot of effort to get everything heated up and ready to eat on time. Then, she helped clean up and didn't make a stink or anything. Way to go, Sunshine!

Call The FBI

This is what I told a Census taker back in 1990. I filled out the only part of the Census that the Constitution asks for, that being how many people live at the address. I filled out nothing else. When the Census taker came by for the follow up, I was real nice and everything, I just refused to cooperate. When she told me it was against the law, I told her to call the FBI. I also told her I was willing to go to jail for this, and she just shook her head.
Funny, I don't recall anyone bothering me in 2000. So, what's in store for 2010? Well, I'll tell ya. I'm not filling out anything on the Census form except for how many people live at my address. All the Census is for is to piece out the Congressional districts. The States use it too, I'll give them that. The rest of it is TMG, or "Too Much Government." I don't trust the government when they say the data is used in house. The Feds used the 1940 Census to track down Japanese nationals and American citizens of Japanese ancestry when they were tossed in the camps.
I love my country, but don't trust the government.

Pics Of Chico

Somehow the shots Nicole took give the dog the Devil Eyes. He needs a good haircut, we just didn't get to it this month.

Our Holiday Tree

At least this year Sandra and the Sunshine didn't nag me for a real tree. They kill my allergies.

Nicole Sticking Out Tongue

Nicole Giving The Finger

She warned me that she had picked up my camera on Turkey Day. Nothing I haven't done at weddings, though I don't usually give the finger, I just stick my ugly mug in the camera lens.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Kills Me

I like the scene in Family Guy where Peter is taking the Communion wine and he asks if it really is the blood of Christ. When told it was, he says "He must have been drunk 24/7" (or something close to that)

This Kills Me

My God, the guy is everywhere. This is the third Ron Jeremy post in the last few weeks. Here's the wiki on him. I took a minute to read it and this guy's got a Masters degree. Who would have thunk it?

This Kills Me

More For The Gang Of Three

This Kills Me

China buys and has bought so much of our national debt that we're beholden to them. That's how we'll be defeated, not by China's military, but by our own debt.

This Weeks Arty Nude

Meghan is this week's model. I never tire of the outdoor stuff. I'm going to pose like this, you wait and see.

45 Versus Toe

This must hurt like a sumbitch. Grant sent me these. I had an accidental discharge with my .45 one time when I lived in Fremont. I tripped over something on the floor and BAM, I shot a hole in the floor. Scared the shit out of me. The carpet covered the hole and none of my neighbors called the cops. I don't think I've told 5 people about it until now. Pretty fucking stupid. Could have shot myself like this guy.

For The Gang Of Three

This made me chuckle.

Isn't This The Truth

Get them squished.

Unicorns Pee Rainbows

That Racist Jesse Jackson Opens His Big Trap

“We even have blacks voting against the healthcare bill from Alabama,” Jackson said at a reception Wednesday night. “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.”

Poached from Mc Clatchy Watch.

I'm The Only One

If you google "$583001 football stadium" my post here is the only result. How cool is that.

From The FFRF

“I am no Christian.”
-- Thomas Chatterton, published letter to his family. Cited in A Biographical Dictionary of Modern Rationalists by Joseph McCabe (1920).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This Made Me Laugh

Little Johnny hears noises coming from his parent’s bedroom and opens the door to find mom folded over the dresser naked and dad banging her hard from behind.

Dad looks at Johnny, smiles and gives him a wink. Johnny closes the door and walks away.

Later that day dad is walking down the hall and hears a commotion in Johnny’s room. He opens the door to find grandma naked bent over the dresser and Johnny humping her hard from behind.

Screaming, dad enters the room and demands to know what the hell is going on and what does Johnny think he’s doing!?!?

Still visibly angry, Little Johnny looks up at his dad and says, “Not so funny when it’s your mom, is it?”

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

For The Gang Of Three

Hey, Its A Car Pool Lane

This Kills Me

I got this from Stacy.

This Weeks Arty Nude

Doug Wade takes some nice pics.

I've Seen This

Back when I was working the docks and driving, Big Daddy hit one of the diesel pumps and knocked it off the mounting. We had an on duty supervisor and he came out to inspect the damage smoking a cigarette. Lit and everything. Even though diesel is harder to combust than gasoline, I wasn't taking any chances as I hid in the mailroom for a while.

This Kills Me

Humping the statue. I was dropped on my head as a child, I just know it.

Before And After

It wasn't too long after being born that I couldn't fit in the sink any more. My mom has said I came out hungry, and she wasn't kidding.

More Issues Than I Have

Look closely, she's got a necklace of penises. On her right side she's got a heart with "mom" added to one of the peni. Its comforting to know there's always people out and about with more issues than I have.

This Is Cool

Its a skull cake. I wonder what the bony part is made of.

Our New Tractor

The way things are going at work, this will be the newest addition to our fleet.

Chasing The Goat

Here's the link to the USA Today story on this sport. I mention this because do any of you remember the movie from the early '70's where the opening scenes were of this very sport. I recall seeing the film but can't recall the name of it. Any ideas?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rumors, Not The Album

Last week there was an interesting rumor floating around the plant that the company was going to cut 16 home delivery and 5 transportation jobs. This is because we didn't give back the 9 dollars an hour that the company wanted. (I'll note here that we have only 70 Teamsters, including the on call casuals)
Turns out there's a grain of truth to the rumor. The company had told the union that if we didn't give back the 9 dollars they would cut that many jobs. The company went to the pressroom and they basically told the company to fuck off and honor the current contract. Once that happened, we kind of went along with the program'
If I had a vote, I'd say go ahead and cut the jobs. Its the opinion of many of us Teamsters that even if we gave back the 9 dollars, the company would still cut the jobs. I'm glad that our representation found the balls to stand up to the company.

You Too Could Have Bought This Stadium

Its the Silverdome in Pontiac MI. And for only $583,001, and that's no misprint, this football stadium could have been yours. Never mind that the upkeep is about $1.5 million a year. Still, this could have been yours. Here's the link.