Thursday, December 31, 2009

A 4 Seat Vespa

I'd ride it.

Sleeping On The Job

No, I've never been a "performer" like this. Nor have I clicked on a webcam like this. But, I have slept on the job and let me tell you there's no better sleep than sleeping and getting paid for it. Its been a while since I had a job that let me snooze on the clock, I'd say 10 years or so.
Some of the guys here say that sex on the clock is even better than sleeping on the clock. Sadly, I can't attest to that.

This Kills Me

More Boob Koozie

Bud Light? Ugh. No thanks, even out of a boob koozie.

I've Done This

No, not gotten all up in Kobe's face. But, like Ron Artest, I have had stuff shaved into my head. Back in the day I had a dollar sign ($) shaved into the back of my head. Then I had it dyed blonde. The guys at the paper really got a kick out of it. The supes thought I was crazy. Like I gave a shit.

What's Up With Humpty Dumpty?

You really got to question some tattoo choices.

There's Nothing Wrong With This

A hot V-Max and a pretty model. Looks good to me.

I Don't Get It

This made me chuckle, but I just don't get it. You have millions of dollars and a model looking wife. But yet you can't keep it in your pants. So, to bust a few nuts, you're going to lose many millions of dollars and your two kids. And your model looking wife. All for strange.

How Does This Happen?

How do you let your firetruck catch fire?

This Is Cool

This is about one of the coolest things I've seen on a bike. Shooting rockets while riding. Its a damn shame I didn't think of it myself. Actually, when I tell my brother Randy, I'll ride him a bit about not thinking of it first.

More Contact

I exchanged a couple of emails with Joe's widow, Bev. She said I was welcome to come up to Coos Bay OR and visit. I was hoping she would offer. She's forwared my contact info to my brother Norman. I expect contact from him within the next few days. He lives in Napa County, which is less than a two hour drive from Clayton. I had him pegged for LA, so its a really good thing I sent a mailer to Bev.
There's some family issue with my sister, Zona. I'll find this out from Norman. Bev was hesitant to get into it.
So, that's where we sit today. I'm very happy with the contact so far and the response from Bev. I'm hoping my contact with Norman goes as well, and that he's interested in a face to face. I know I am. I'm curious as to what a brother of mine would look like.
I just can't say enough what a life changing event this is.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Houston, We Have Contact

Joe's widow, Bev, sent me an email that I read just a little bit ago. Joe had looked for me without success. Norman, my brother, has also looked for me. Since I changed my name when I was 7 (we didn't go to court on this, I just did it) its no wonder why they couldn't find me.
Now, I've mentioned that my grandparents were in the phone book up until they both died in the 90's. They told me that Joe had never reached out to them to find me. But, were they telling me the truth?
Anyway, I'm really happy that Bev has answered my letter to her. I'm glad I've got the right address for her.
I expect to hear from Norman any day. This is a life changing event.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The New Jesus

Poor Santa

This Kills Me

For The Gang Of Three

This Made Me Laugh

This Kills Me

Doesn't the gal look like the Octomom?

Who Is Mightier?

Miss Camel Toe

I've Lived This

My sign would say "While her devoted husband was out working two jobs and a 60 hour work week, Kimberly was out having affairs with two men at the same time. (Bob and Howard)"
I've lived this. And its not fun. Nor pretty when it ends.

This Made Me Chuckle

I don't think Sandra would ever drive my car again if I had a stick shift like this.

This Weeks Arty Nude

Asteroid Hitting The Earth

If you don't get it, go to the comments.

Legalize It

Here's a good article out of the Wall Street Journal that the Agitator linked to. You should read it, but it basically says that we should legalize pot to put a crimp in the power of the Mexican drug cartels. Over 15000, and that's fifteen THOUSAND people have died in the drug wars in Mexico in the last three years. That's in a country of a hundred million people.

Religions Of The World

One more from Eunoia.

A Fire Rainbow

According to Eunoia, this is the rarest of air conditions.

I Can Read This

I got this from Eunoia.

A Good Christian

Yumi Sent Me This

When a woman wears a leather dress, a man's heart beats quicker and his throat goes dry.
He goes weak in the knees and begins to think irrationally. Ever wonder why?

Its because she smells like a new truck.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

There Was A Press Here

This is a pic at the Modesto Bee. Their press used to be here, now its just a big empty room. They print at the Sacramento Bee these days and truck the papers the 80 or so miles from Sac to Modesto.


This is why piggybacking papers with distributors and carriers carries some risk. If one paper has any kind of problem, then all the papers are late. And, when your press is so fucked up that you have to have a neighboring paper print the rest of your press run, well, there's a lot of unhappy people.

I Love The Bible


Atheist Bingo

I've heard each and every one of these.

This Kills Me

Poached from Fiery.

No Word From Anyone

I haven't gotten any reply from my mailer. I was hoping for an email from one of the three. I'll check the mailbox today, but it may be a bit early to get the mailer and send something back.

This Week's Arty Nude

Don't forget what Grant sent me about how looking at women's breasts leads to a longer and healthier life.

More For The Gang Of Three

Shocker Jesus

Somebody is going to Hell.

Next Years Holiday Card Photo

I don't think Sandra will let this one out of the house.

I Really Love Christmas

Merry Christmas to you too.

This Made Me Chuckle

Moses At The Olympics

Matching Tattoos. Kind Of

Its "you're the PB to my J."

I Slept With Tiger, Too!

This made me chuckle.

For The Gang Of Three

I don't think they're Obama supporters.

This Kills Me

I Want A Cake Like This

I realize its a wedding cake, but I think I want a boobie cake for my 50th next year.

Victoria's Secret Stormtrooper

Shocker Tattoo

This made me laugh a bit.

Gang Of Three Pinup

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stupid Niner Fans

Eagles Fans Rain Snowballs on Niners Fans - Watch more Funny Videos

Enjoy the 90 seconds of raining snowballs on a pair of Niner fans who wore Niner jerseys in Philly. What a pair of idiots.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Is A New Twist

Here's a link to the owner of the Whiners, Jed York, saying that he'd rather play in Oakland than SF if the Santa Clara vote goes south. I guess they're assuming that the A's will be somewhere else, after all they do play baseball in September and the A's are a primary tenant of the Coliseum.

Downtown Was Empty

Downtown Reno was empty on Sunday and Sunday night. We only got hit up for change a few times, Sandra got hit up right in Cal Neva while playing a slot machine. After our second pass at the table, I sat at the lunch counter and ate a burger and fries. The cook behind the counter mentioned how slow its been and how much he's noticed it slower in the 4 years he's worked at Cal Neva. We didn't go into any of the other downtown casinos, but there were not too many people out on the street.
It was no better at Boomtown. Saturday night the place was mostly empty. Saturday night. I bet Thunder Valley and Redhawk were packed. I think I've said this before, but if you play slots or blackjack, there's no reason to hassle driving all the way to Nevada when you can do these things at the Indian casinos. Thunder Valley had an billboard once that showed a tire with chains in it. The tag line was "chains not required" and I thought that was a hell of an ad.
I like to roll dice and bet on sports. So, I'll drive all the way to Nevada to gamble. But, not normally in the winter. I don't know how to put chains on, and I gave Nicole my 4wd Suburban. That kind of makes me a fair weather gambler.
So, I'll say it again. The downtown casinos in Reno are in real trouble.

Movie Review

Between passes at the Cal Neva craps table, Sandra and I went and saw The Blind Side. It stars Sandra Bullock, who I've always had a secret crush on. You would think its a football movie but they don't show a football scene until way into the movie. Sandra hates football and she really liked the film. Sandra Bullock looks pretty good in the movie so it held my attention. Its a feel good movie and a good film to take a date to.

Heading To The Mountains

The weekend trip went well. I forgot my big cup (thanks again to Meesha and Poodles), my fanny pack with camera, and my brains. So, you get no pictures.
We got up to Kings Beach on time and Corey took us right in at 2. He's wised up and is selling his hoodies in 4x, of which I bought one. I bought Sandra one (though not in 4x) as well. Nicole saw it and she's laying claim to it.
The tattoo went on in about 45 minutes. That's the quickest any of us have been in and out of Corey's chair. The two names, "Skyler" and "Wyatt" went on underneath the others. I'll get a pic of them this week.

Cheri put on another good job with the food. She really knows how to cook. It was the usual crowd and Amy came up this year as well. The Sunshine and Amy are staying with Ernie and Cheri in Truckee for a few days while the rest of us come home and go back to work.

Sunday we got up and played in the Boomtown poker tournament. It was only a $10 buy in, but it was limited to the one poker table they have. It did seat 12, whereas the usual poker table seats 9. Sandra got knocked out in a hurry and I did last a bit longer. I just didn't get any cards worth a shit, though I did win one all in hand. My next all in hand knocked me out.
We then got in the car and went downtown. There's a moviehouse right off the river and Sandra wanted to see The Blind Side. We had a bit of time to kill so we went to Cal Neva. They had an open $3 craps table so we bellied up to the bar and bought in for $100 each.
Both Sandra and I went back and forth, not too far up or down. We had a good time with the banter and even the dealers enjoyed it.
Finally it was almost time to go. We agreed to roll one more time each. By the time I got the dice there were a few others at the table. And lucky for them they were there because I had a monster roll of the dice. I hurt my arm picking up so many chips off of winning rolls of the dice. I even made some winning bets for the dealers, they must have won at least $60 in tips from our bets.
All good things come to an end and I rolled a 7. Sandra colored up for about $100 in profit and I made almost $300. One of the better passes at the table I've had in a loooong time. I tipped the dealers a little bit more and we cashed our chips and walked out victorious. Its a great feeling to make a long pass at the dice.
After the movie, Sandra wanted to make one last pass at the dice. I'm for keeping my winnings but I appeased Sandra and we went back to Cal Neva. We rolled a bit and I was down. We again agreed it was time to go and we would roll one more time each. Sandra make a nice pass at the dice and I made a better pass. Sandra was bumping her bets in a hurry and she netted another $100. I got back to even and made $6. Hell, anytime you can win at a casino is a good thing.
So, we wandered back to Boomtown.
I think the casinos are really hurting in Northern Nevada. Back in October, Sandra had gone up to play with Ernie in the daily tournament at Boomtown. She signed up for the players club and they sent her two free nights in November. We couldn't use them so they sent us two free nights in December. Back in the day a comp night on the weekend for a new player was just unheard of.
We stayed an additional night in the new tower (which they upgraded us to) and it was a nice place to stay. I also signed up for the players club and we'll see what they send me.

The drive home was uneventful. I had borrowed my mom's Escape Hybrid with AWD, just in case we hit chain controls. There were none, but on the way home you could see Caltrans setting up for the controls. We hit snow just at the top of the pass, for about 15-20 minutes.

For The Gang Of Three

This Kills Me

Santa's Redneck Sleigh

This Kills Me.