Friday, January 29, 2010

Yet More Bashing

This Made Me Chuckle

More Truth

Its right in the book.


Haven't had any bashing on the blog for a while. Click to make bigger.

For The Gang Of Three

When you get a tattoo, they usually cover it in plastic when you leave. You peel it off at the end of the day and put A&D on. Its just like treating an abrasion. And, your tattoo never looks as rich as when its just done. Ink comes up when the tattoo scabs. Still, my tat of Josh is over 10 years old and looks really good.

I Work With Sons Of Bitches

When the Rack Room closed up, they put their stand up fridge in our office. I bought some 2 liter Diet Pepsi's a week or two ago and noticed one of them missing. Now, who would take a caffeine free Diet Pepsi that cost me $1.50.
Well, I drank up what I had and put 6 more Diet Pepsis in the fridge. Yesterday, some son of a bitch stole one of them. So, I work with sons of bitches. I think I'm going to pee in one of the bottles and leave it for them. Knowing my luck and lack of grey matter, I'd probably drink out of the spiked one.

I Want The Middle One

I don't think Sandra will go for this. Poached from Rev.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

God Damn Dog

Chico bolted for freedom yesterday. When I got up to leave for work I let him out the front door to pee and he made the jailbreak. He ran through the bushes and up the berm along the side street next to Seeno's Hill. I called him with no success and started to look for him. I saw him way down the street and somehow I lost him again. I figured that he'll come home eventually and walked home.
Sandra drove up and we drove around looking for him along Seeno's Hill. On our way home out in the street in front of the condos we saw Chico running in the street. It was like he was looking for us as we were for him. Sandra opened up the door and he jumped right in like nothing was wrong.

He's getting snipped next Monday. He peed in the office last Monday when I brought him into work, marking his territory. We're hoping losing his balls will calm him down and help cure his barking. Sandra is going to ask the vet about the separation anxiety.

I would not be happy if the dog ran away.

A Lot Of Tattoos

I don't think this is Kat Von D, but this gal has some serious tattoo going on. Speaking of Kat, she was in one of Sandra's gossip papers last week. I think she's hell of sexy.

For The Gang Of Three

I'm Buying This For Boss

What You Don't See Anymore

You know, I haven't seen a roller rink in a long time. I guess there's still one in Milpitas, but that's about it. There was one by Bayfair that I remember going to as a kid, and one in Hayward where I first met the She Devil. That was all a long time ago. They're both gone now.


Doesn't this look like Beadie from The Wire?

Naughty Snow White

Oooh, baby.

This Kills Me


Another WTF

Not Too Often

You don't normally see old time pics like this where the gal is showing her panties. Not like I would notice or anything.

Your WTF Pic Of The Week

I've seen the pandas live, in San Diego. In fact I've seen them twice. Both in the off season, so I wasn't rushed in my panda viewing. They didn't do very much, they're quite lazy. I did get film of one of them making poo. The highlight of the trip.

This Is Scary

This has gotta be the most, uh, interesting body modification I've ever seen. A hole in your chin to show your teeth. Hmmmm.

This Kills Me

Don't Worry Sandra

Not even the gals in the drink cart dress like this. What a shame.

This Kills Me

Santa Going To Jail

Hell, they're already at San Quentin. Just toss him in.

A Great Back Piece

The pic could have been taken a little bit better, maybe getting rid of the yellow light. I bet this hurt like a mother.

This Weeks Arty Nude

There's a place in Lincoln County NV called Cathedral Gorge that looks like the background in the above pic. Water has carved away the sandstone and left formations like this one. You can actually walk into the formations. Its a pretty cool place. Sadly, I don't have any pics of it.

This Kills Me

Yep, the shocker on your bicep.

Let's Go Bowling

If it wasn't for the shoulder surgery, I'd be bowling right with this gal.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dirty Money

Isn't it good to know that 4 of 5 pieces of paper money in the US are contaminated with pot or cocaine? Here's the Snopes link for you doubters. So, if you want to legally carry a lot of money, you may just get hit on by the drug sniffing dog when you're pulled over for speeding.

Good Quotes

Grumbling Old Fart has some good Thomas Jefferson quotes here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Old Pics From Rich O

The top one is Rich O and I in Tahoe. Look at me in the moustache. OK, ladies, should I grow it back?
Next is Crazy Rich picking up his Yamaha after trying something dangerous. Both he and Charlie always had more balls than I ever did. I was too afraid of getting hurt. Call me a pussy.
The next three are me posing in Nevada, in the open desert of Storey County NV.
Finally, they caught me zipping up after taking a pee out in God's Country.
What great memories to bring back. I really miss dual sporting with Charlie and Rich.

Norman And Me

I'm not too sure that we resemble each other. I think Norm resembles the high school picture I have of Joe, and I look like the 55 year old Joe. I thought we looked a bit alike when we met. Sandra sees the family resemblance.
OK, we picked up Norm on time and on schedule. We walked across the street and had pizza at Round Table. This allowed us to leisurely eat and visit. I had told Norm that I didn't want to interrogate him, I wanted him to talk to me. And that he did. I only asked him a few questions to elaborate on a point he was making. And that was it. Norm spoke for almost three hours. Sandra had to go and pee the dog and do some Wal Marting as Norm and I spoke.
What I got out of it was that Joe was bigger than life and did it on a grand scale. He almost always worked for himself, he mostly ran car lots and wholesaled them. They lived mostly in the Napa area, where Norm and Zona live.
We spoke of Zona and her decision to not come and meet me. I'm disappointed, but once Norm explained some of the issues surrounding my newly found family, well, I can live with it. Norm seems to think she'll come around one day.
I think we took an immediate liking to each other. Norm has made some rather poor decisions in his life and neither Sandra or I judged him on that. I want to move forward with my newly found family, not make people justify the past. Hell, I wasn't even there.
Norm is starting school in a week or two. He wants to be a drug and alcohol counselor. He's had the same girlfriend for almost two years. Bev told me that Norm is in a good place right now. I can only hope that meeting me is only a help to his journey of life.
So, faithful readers, what do you think? Do Norm and I look somewhat alike, or not?

On two asides, this is a cell phone pic. Sandra asked me if my camera was charged and I said it had enough battery left in it. Sadly, when I went to turn it on, it was dead. Stone dead. Way to go, Joe!
The "Oaks" jacket is a replica of a 1947 Oakland Oaks players jacket. I got it at Ebbets Field Flannel (in Seattle) back in the day. Its a $300 wool and leather jacket that they knocked $100 off because it had a slight nick in the leather of one of the sleeves. Like anyone could tell. Its a beautiful garmet. In fact, I wore it one year at Fanfest and an old scrapper recognized what it was. I've lost enough weight so it fits. Its still a short waisted cut. I do like wearing it.

This Kills Me

Thanks to Grant.

Friday, January 22, 2010

God Almighty With His AK-47

Not Me

I'll eat the sumbitches, but I won't kiss them first. Though I wonder what you do with the rest of the lobster besides the tail. Any ideas?

Apple's New Tablet Computer.

No Picture

Day before yesterday I was late getting home from work. I parked out in front on the street and walked back into the complex. All of a sudden a naked man appeared, walked past me without saying a word, and darted into a condo. I thought "this is something you don't see every day." Sandra thought I should have called the cops, I couldn't see bothering them. Besides, when I get home I go right to bed and my pillow was calling.

I Am Peter Griffin

Now this is scary.

This Kills Me

When I Win The Lotto

I'm having me a concrete pond so I can skinny dip like this gal.

This Is Interesting

I Am My Father's Son

Bev took a look at the blog and told me just that.

Off To Haiti

I just read on both Charlie and Katy's separate facebook pages that Charlie's reserve unit got activated for a 6 month mission to Haiti. He lives in KC and I haven't seen him in a while, but we talk on the phone.
I know helping out in Haiti is all well and good, but doesn't New Orleans still need a hand or two?

Which Is Worse?

This Kills Me

This Made Me Chuckle A Bit

Not At Schelly's

The bartenders at Schelly's don't look quite like this.

Yeah, Rrrright

119 degrees with snow on the ground. Someone isn't paying attention.

This Kills Me

Better call Joe Swanson in on this one.

I Still Wouldn't Watch

Even if she got the blouse off, I still wouldn't watch any Fox news show. Oh, I mean GOP-TV.

This Week's Arty Nude

For The Gang Of Three

Looks Like Chico

Doesn't the dog with the panda head hat look like Chico The Dog? I wouldn't do this to him. Besides, Chico would probably rip it off his head and chew it up.