Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Blog Is Not Dead

Sandra and I went to Coos Bay over the weekend to see Bev. It was a very productive visit. She had at least 30 8mm movies of me between o and 3 years old. I've never seen stuff like this so to me its priceless.
I also took home some pics of family and wartime letters between Norman and Zona. Bev had a treasure trove of goodies for me.
We also took Chico to a beach that we could let him run loose on. You just didn't see a happier dog on that beach than Chico The Dog. I'll fill you all in next week.

I'm out at Sandy Beach for a few days and the internet connection out here isn't the best. It took me 45 minutes to sift through my emails. I don't even have 3G service, so things are really slooooow. So, for a few more days I'll be not posting my usual assortment of funny pics and stuff. I'll wait for a faster connection.
Now, I would just go to the library, but I took Chico The Dog with me and I wouldn't know what to do with him. I guess I could tie him up out in front of the library, but I'd hate for someone to steal him. So, faithful readers, come back next week and I'll have fresh stuff for you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Attempt From Mr Wiggles

Sandra took Chico in to get his stitches removed and the poodle rescue was at the vet. According to Sandra, they had a beautiful red standard poodle for rescue. Meaning free. And, they again asked Sandra to take Mr Wiggles home. I felt bad for Mr Wiggles when she told me this story. I'd love to take him home but our hands are full enough with one dog. I'm thinking long term, when we're in the rv retired. I think the rv is too small for two dogs, especially a standard. Though we ran into a guy who had three standards in his 5th wheel. He had a beautiful apricot one that I got to pet. Still, I guess I've got a soft spot for dogs.

This Weeks Arty Nude

I like the tattoo across the gal's front. And, I guarentee she's freezing her ass off. Just look at the fog rolling in over the Golden Gate.

My Next Job

Here's another one of my next jobs.

This Kills Me

Thanks to Grant.

This Kills Me

I've threatened this a hundred times. If I end up at Safeway and pass probation, I may need to make a visit back at the Merc.

This Made Me Laugh

Better watch out for those shifty lobsters.


I just know that one day the Flying Spagetti Monster will see that I do this to a gas pump.

More Bullshit

Eating Jesus? I've never understood it. I like when Peter Griffin takes the communion wine and asks if its really the blood of Christ. When told it was, he says that Christ must have been soused 24/7. Nothing like a good jab at the Catholics.

Translation Please

What does this guy eat? Pennies? Ponies? Penis?

This Made Me Laugh

There Is No Answer

For The Gang Of Three

Upholding the Second Amendment.

I'd Do This

If I had a hearse, I'd do this too.

Meow, Nice KItties

I Love Cupcakes

I Don't Know Why

This made me laugh. Don't ask why.

The Fat Fabio

There's a Viet guy here at work, Tai, who is letting his hair grow out. He's now calling himself the "Asian Fabio". I've not cut my hair in a while, so yesterday he called me "the fat Fabio" Where's the love, I tell you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tax Them Now

Nobody should be exempt from property tax.


I've had a few pics of strippers on the back of bicycles and in the beds of trucks and such. Well, in Tampa, they have an honest to god "strippermobile." Here and here. Enjoy

I've Got Issues

I'm having some type of malfunction with my ATT aircard, and haven't been able to get on and post for the last few days. Its odd, I get antenna and correct signal strength, and it works at the plant and at the Journal, just not at the office in Menlo Park. Of course the help desk is closed after 10pm, a lot of good that does me.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A "No Shit" Quote

"Enforcement of laws which are widely perceived as unreasonable and unfair generate disrespect and even contempt toward those who make and enforce the laws."

Mayor Mark N. Addiego, South San Francisco, CA.

I poached this from The Newspaper and the mayor is right on the money. This is why the 55 mph limit was so scorned. The city of SSF had to pay back 1.4 million dollars in illegally collected red light fines. Some citizens are not happy about the red light cameras in the first place. Here's the link.

Gotta Be Careful

Sandra and I are going to Coos Bay OR in a couple of weeks to see Bev. I guess we need to be careful for the crosswalk sting by the police. Here's the link.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This Week's Arty Nude

The very beautiful Sarah is this week's winner.

This Kills Me

What's The Answer?

I Like This Look

I think gals in glasses is a sexy look. Of course gals in a bikinis wearing glasses work for me as well.

Girls At The Motorcycle Show

I need to get out of the house a little bit more. Look at the cool body paint in the top pic.

Why I'm A Fat Ass

Never mind the whiskey, the bacon sandwich looks good to me.

This Is True

Snow White To Jail

Two Blogs To Follow

Abby is a 16 year old young woman who is solo sailing around the world. She left Southern California a week or two ago and had to stop in Cabo for repairs. So she'll restart the trip from there and end up in Cabo instead of So Cal.

John and Mimi are a retired couple touring Mexico in their RV. I already read George and Ms Tioga, who tours Mexico extensively.

Give them a look if you're interested.

I Forgot

I forgot to tell you all this, but at the Y&T show someone copped a cheap feel of Sandra's boob. She looked at the guy and said "excuse me!" He was drunk and just laughed before melting off into the crowd. She just shrugged it off. Which is a good thing, I'd have hated to go to jail for kicking someone's ass at the show, even someone who deserved it.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Live Music And Karma

Sandra and I actually got out of the house last Saturday night. She got sent home early and took a long nap. So, she was good to go to Santa Cruz to see Y&T. We drove from Clayton to Santa Cruz and got to the Cataylst in time to see the opening band play cover tunes from the 80's.
We met up with my pal from work, Jimmy B, who I've mentioned on the blog a time or two. I haven't seen Y&T since I went to work at the Mercury. They did not disappoint. Its great when a band plays songs that you know and love. Open Fire, Hurricane, Black Tiger, and so much more. I even stomached Summertime Girls. (which is when Y&T jumped the shark)
After a while, Sandra ran out of gas so we left before the end of the show. We had brought Chico with us and left him in the car. He was a good boy and was asleep in the front seat when we got back to the car.
Jimmy B wormed his way towards the front and took some cell phone pics. He found a gold wedding type ring on the floor and showed it to Sandra and I. We told him to turn it in and he did before leaving.
Before leaving, Jim had sat at the bar with some friends of his and they BS'ed for a while. Then Jim got hungry and on the way back over the hill to San Jose he stopped at a diner in Santa Cruz. He went in, sat at the counter and ordered. Sitting behind him was a group of people and one of the guys said "I"ll buy you another ring." Hmmm. Jimmy listens a bit more and turns around to ask the group where they were. When they told him "The Catalyst", Jim told them that he turned in a ring at the front. The guy leaped up and drove back to the club. Soon, he came back with the ring. The gal was so happy she started kissing and hugging Jimmy. As did the two sisters. Everyone was happy and they bought Jimmy's breakfast. Ahhhh, a nice story with a happy ending. Who would have imagined?

This Kills Me

If you google "Al Sharpton Is A Piece Of Shit", my blog post comes up #1. This kills me.

This Is Cool

Grant sent me this. This is a mural in Los Gatos CA.

A Good Quote

“It is, I think, an error to believe that there is any need of religion to make life seem worth living.”

— Sinclair Lewis, quoted by Will Durant in On the Meaning of Life (1932)

Friday, February 05, 2010

This Kills Me

I Like Sunsets Too!

Actually, this is a really good pic of a nice looking gal. Like you never see that on the blog.

This Kills Me

I Watch Chelsea

This is a pretty good shot of late night talk show hostess Chelsea Handler. I watch her show when I'm on days off and its not too bad. She's pretty easy on the eyes and its to my great benefit to see her without clothing. Her show is on the E network.

Super Tramp Stamp

Interesting Tattoo Work

I wonder what the script says on her leg. She can almost be the "Arty Nude Of The Week".

Is This True?

Having never done meth, I can only go by what others tell me.

I'm Going To Hell

This made me laugh.

Work Kills Me

We had a union meeting yesterday that I didn't go to. There was nothing earth shattering to hear, our leadership did say that there's no "negociations" going on for us to take it in the ass over the pay and benefit cuts. I guess our leadership found their balls. Contract time in 16 months is going to be really interesting. Hopefully, I'll be at Safeway by then.

Our shop steward, Dave W, told me that he finally heard exactly what the giveback was that the company asked for. They wanted to take away two weeks of vacation, $3 an hour in pay and 7 paid holidays. I don't think that was going to fly.

My boss put up a memo today telling everyone that if they call in sick over Super Bowl Weekend that they'll have to provide a doctor's note. And, the part of the contract that says we can be fired for sick leave abuse. Its funny that there's no set definition of "sick leave abuse". We get 10 days a year, so if we use all 10, where's the abuse?
We had a guy call in for two days for "sore eyes". Can you believe it? SORE EYES! And what's worse is that the company puts up with it.

Now I Like Brian Johnson Of AC/DC

I've always been a big Bon Scott fan, and have seen AC/DC with Scott singing a couple of times. It was a sad day when he killed himself accidentally by OD'ing on booze and choking to death on his own vomit.
I don't mind Brian Johnson as a singer, and the band has make much more money and sold many more albums with Johnson fronting as they did with Scott fronting.
But in this link, Johnson calls out that pompous ass Bono (of U2) for all the lecturing he does about charity work in Africa. I used to like U2 and I think Joshua Tree is a great album. But Bono is way too full of himself. Good for Brian Johnson.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

More Newspaper Truth

While publishers can trim so-called elastic costs by eliminating the op-ed page or shrinking the news staff, they can’t avoid the inelastic expenses required to operate complex manufacturing plants that are used only a few hours a day to make a highly perishable product that must be delivered on a demanding schedule by fleets of human-piloted vehicles.

Alan D Mutter.


I'm Surprised

According to this link I got from Tony's Kansas City, Missouri leads the nation with 1774 meth lab seizures in 2009. Indiana is #2 and Kentucky is #3. I'd have put my money on my glorious home state of California being #1. Maybe they're just not getting found as often as the ones in these other states.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another Update

Both my Uncle Fargo and Bev got the letter. Fargo was impressed with how well I write, I didn't have the heart to tell him that I read bloggers who are a hell of a lot better with the written word than I am. I just took the compliment.
I called both Fargo and Bev and we spoke of what I wrote. I told Fargo I'd start on another one and Bev and I discussed the upcoming plans to visit her.
I've been meaning to call Norm, he started school this week and I want to check in with him.

This is all going very well.

Oh, Fargo told me how Peterson Lane got the name. My grandparents lived on the unnamed lane and they were having a party. Norman (my grandfather) was working for the county at the time and he made up a sign that said "Peterson Lane" so he could tell his guests coming from Redding to "turn left on Peterson Lane."
The other family on the lane was so happy to have a sign out on Lake Bl, that they didn't mind Norman naming the lane. The neighbors really cared about Norman and Zona, so it was all good for everyone.


Chico had his balls cut off Monday. Sandra brought him home and he was pretty groggy. He did come out of the cage when I got home and I petted him. When I got up Tuesday he was sitting all calm on the sofa. With the stitches, he's not as able to leap over the fence we have in the doorway. I petted him yesterday and he seemed happy, but not his usual wild self. This is good. He gets the stitches out in two weeks, Sandra will ask the vet then about Chico's separation anxiety.

This Weeks Arty Nude

I like the outdoor pics.

This Kills Me

I only had to write sentences once or twice while in grade school.

Just In Case You Forgot

The word of God is inerrant.

Coolest Stairs Ever

More Second Amendment

This Kills Me


Why would you ever have the butcher's diagram of a pig tattooed on you?

Poor Katie

I'd Have The Cleanest Car Ever

I'd get my Beetle washed twice a week if it got washed like this.

Upholding The Second Amendment

This is for Rich O and the rest of you Champions of the Constitution.

This Is Cool

This is the original Spiderman these song.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dog Show

Susan and Trish show their dogs in agility and obedience. There was a big show at the Cow Palace over the weekend and Susan and Trish entered Gotcha and Jack.
Sandra and I got up, ate and drove over to Daly City.( on an aside, there was a question on Jeopardy once that asked what city the Cow Palace was in. The contestant said "Daly City" and was buzzed incorrect. After the show he protested and the show put him on another show to make up for the error)
We got gouged $10 to park and $24 to get in. We sat in the seats by ring 8 and we were in time to watch the dogs. First, Susan came out with Gotcha and they killed it. Gottie did everything as she was supposed to. They walked between human poles, jumped over a fence to get a toy and sat then lied down for three minutes each while Susan walked off and hid.
Sadly, Jack had a mind of his own. He didn't jump over the jump and he didn't fetch the toy. He eventually walked out of the ring and was DQ'ed. Trish mentioned that she may not compete Jack any more, he'll just be a house pet. Its not like that's a bad thing, I wouldn't mind coming back in my next life as Susan or Trish's pet.
When it came time to announce the winner, Gotcha was the hammer. Gotcha loves me and when she saw me she starting barking and stuff. Later, I got to pet her.
It was a nice way to spend the day, but all that dog in an enclosed space set my migraines afire. We came home and I took a long nap.

One Reason

Why would I ever believe in a god that doesn't allow dogs in heaven? Joe Joe treated me better than most people I know and Chico The Dog is pretty loyal to Sandra and I. (at least when he's not making a jailbreak) When I invent my own religion like L Ron Hubbard, dogs will be allowed in heaven.

This Kills Me

I'll never understand how women can put up with that second class bullshit. This quote, " Christ there is no male and female." I got from Kriss The Sexy Atheist. S/he says its in Paul's writings.