Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Dog

I had gotten Chico The Dog back out of the kennel so he could sleep on the bed with us. I guess about 1 in the morning he bolts out of bed, jumps off the bed barking his fool head off, runs to the front door, runs back to "get" me and we go to the front door. Its not a pee break kind of moment, he's agitated over something outside.
I open the front door and he darts down the walkway to the pavement. He looks around for a little bit before he goes back in the house.
What was odd was that the other dogs in the neighborhood were all barking their fool heads off as well. I figured we were about to have an earthquake, but nothing came.
When we went back to bed, Chico's head was perked up for a while before he relaxed. Odd.

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