Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grant Sent Me This

A man was lying in bed with his new girlfriend.
After having great sex ... She spent the next
hour just rubbing his testicles ...
Something she just loved to do.
As he was enjoying it, he turned and asked her,
"Why do you love doing that?"
Because ... She Replied ...
"I Really Miss Mine"

Now, I'm not proclaiming to cheat on Sandra or anything, but I do wonder if a man made vagina feels different than a nature made one. Call me crazy or call me a sicko, but these are the things I think about during my 2.5 hours in the car to work and back each day.


Kanttorinpoika Max said...

Whaaat? You spend 5 hrs per day just to get to work and back? That is pure madness! Now I am even more grateful for the fact that my workplace is 1 mile away from my home.

Joe said...

No, Max. Its a total of 2-2.5 hours each day. There's a lot less traffic on the way home than there is on the way there.