Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It Was Cold In PS

Sandra and I had a good time this last weekend celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary, which was on Sunday. We "dated" for two years (almost to the day) prior, so we've been an item for 7 years. She's a good gal and I don't regret it for a second.
We headed out of town after she got off work on Friday. I drove a bit faster on I-5 than I usually do and we got to PS after midnight. It was as windy as I've ever seen it anywhere. The wind didn't blow me over, but I had to catch my step a couple of times and Chico's bowl blew right out of the back of Sandra's car. We stayed at the Motel 6 just off the freeway, where the wind always blows.
Saturday it was still windy but we made the quick drive to the resort. The temp got up into the mid 80's and though it was windy it was still nice enough to swim and sunbathe a natural. I got in the pool for about 15 minutes and managed to turn my chest and fat belly pink. Mind you, not a burn on the privates, but still.
Sandra has warned me that it was going to be cold on Sunday and she was exactly correct. We got up Sunday to find it in the 60's, cold, sprinkling and windy. We braved it for a while but retreated to the room for a nap and to wait out the weather. After the nap the sun came out so we sat out for a while. I still mostly sat in the shade while Sandra sat out in the sun. One of the hot tubs has a roof over it so I was able to sit in the tub and not burn.
We ate at the on site eatery twice and I'll admit to never eating without clothing before. There was a gal who was just facinated with my tattoo of Josh.
Monday came and after Sandra sat out for a bit it was time to leave. We started to miss Chico The Dog so we wanted to get home and pick him up and pet him.
The trip home was uneventful. I was cruising on I-5 about 80 or so and a guy in a Ford Ranger pickup came up behind me doing about 90 or so. I pulled over to let him pass, after all the #1 rule of driving is to never be the fastest car on the freeway. Well, the guy in the Ranger was the fastest guy on the freeway and he got a "Welcome to Merced County" notice from the CHP. Right after the guy passed me, in fact before I got back into the fast lane, we approached an over pass and when the Ranger drove under it the CHP roared out of the median bushes and the Ranger just pulled over and took what he had coming to him.
The dog sitter came home about 9:30 and we went over to get the dog. He was happy to see us and jumped all over Sandra. The sitter said he was a very good dog and they liked having him. He stressed for about half of the first day and it was all good after that. They must have wore him out because when we got home he jumped on the bed and that was it for him. We did see a skunk in the complex on the way home and I was sure glad I had him leashed. That would have not been a day brightener getting sprayed by a skunk.

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