Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Its A Good Thing

It turns out I'm taking the scooter to work for a few days this week. Nicole needs a car so she's borrowing Sandra's Escape, and Sandra's driving my Beetle. I got out my new riding jacket that I've yet to wear on the bike, I'll break its cherry on the way home this morning. It has been a while since I've gone for a ride, and even thought its just to work and back for a few days, I really enjoy riding.
I'm reminded that I'm too big for the scooter as I'm a bit clumsy with it. I'm not as smooth as I'd like to be. With the small wheels, its harder to be smooth. I'm also out of practice. Which is shameful.
It also reminds me that I'm looking forward to my week off in June, the week before we go on the cruise in July. I need to make reservations at the rancheria. Poor Chico The Dog won't be coming with me this time.

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