Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not At The Top Of My Game

I've had my head up my ass for the last few days. Last Thursday I got up three hours early to go to a 2 hour dentist appointment. I thought about changing my days off so I wouldn't have to go to work on Thursday night and I'd work Sunday instead. But, I wanted to go to Redding, so I thought I could catch up on my sleep and be ok for a couple of days of work and the drive.
Well, I got home Friday morning dog tired and woke up Friday the same way. I was so tired that I wanted to take a nap at the Wall St but couldn't let the dog run around unwatched. I had inserts to count out and the press was late, so I was late with the truck getting back. After I got my stuff and the dog in the car, I swung around to the dock to talk to Jerry. We spoke for a bit and I backed up to not run over some debris near the dock. I was right next to a tractor trailer and I knew it was there. But, I had my head up my ass and you can see by the picture that I turned right into the wheel of the tractor. I heard the crunch and thought "oh shit, you dumbass."
You can see by the pic that I put two lug nut indentations into the bumper, as well as a couple of scrapes. The running light had popped out in one piece and fortunately I was able to pop it back into place without any issue. On Sunday I noticed the tail light slightly pooched out and I snapped that back into place as well. It could have been worse, but I still feel like a dumb ass.
When I got up Saturday I was still dog tired and still wasn't at the top of my game. Only when I woke up on Monday did I feel somewhat like a human being. If I ever need two hours in the dental chair again, I'm calling in sick or switching days off. I hate to admit it, but getting my sleep out of kilter was a little too much for me. Getting old sucks, but it beats the alternative.

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