Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Parental Involvement

When I got to Mike's game and sat down in the bleachers, a parent came up to John and looked at the stat sheet. They spoke for a second and the parent walked way down the first base side (we were sitting on the third base side) and sat down.
It turns out the game wouldn't start until this parent was totally off the property. He had been suspended from the ballpark for two games for running his mouth, and that wasn't enough of an attention getter as the league suspended him for the rest of the season.
John was drafted to go tell him and he did. Then the parent and the league president (and there's a thankless job) had a conversation before the parent walked off in a huff and sat down on the grass outside of the fence.
I wonder how the kid feels knowing his dad is an ass. I could just imagine the embarassment. The parent threatened to pull his kid right off the field and take him home. Now what does that prove? It proves you're not a good dad to embarass your kid like that.
What's worse is that the kid is good enough to play on the all star team (like the Sunshine did a couple of years ago) and have his season extend into the summer a little bit. But, nobody wants to pick this kid because of the problems with his dad.
And he's not the only one. There's a mom who is in trouble with the league as well. She wrote a letter to the board last year complaining that her son didn't make all starts and she named, in the letter, players who she thought shouldn't have been picked over her son. Now, here's another case of a parent costing their kid, because nobody wants to pick this kid either, because of the mom.
This is the reason my mom didn't let me play little league. I got to play Pop Warner, which is one of the coolest things I've ever done.
Sandra had to sign a letter agreeing to the rules of conduct before the Sunshine could play softball for the high school this season. That's how bad some parents are at their kid's ballgame.

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