Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Redding Visit

My old pal (and regular blog reader) John B lives in Redding with his wife (Maureen) and kids (Cristina and Mike). John suggested that if I had a chance, I could consider driving up and watch his kids play ball.
As it turns out, last weekend was Sandra's one day weekend, so I took John up on his offer and drove to Redding on Saturday morning to watch Mike play a 7pm game.
John grew up in the Manor with the rest of us and he's always been a Raiders and A's fan. Mike plays for the Giants and the coaches bought John a Giants hat because he keeps score and all the stats. I spared him the photographic blackmail evidence, but he knows I've seen it.
Anyway, Mike is a pretty good little ballplayer. He caught, played short and pitched. He's in the 9-10 year old league. He also got good wood on the ball a couple of times. He seems to enjoy it, but its easy to enjoy anything that you're good at.
I didn't get up there in time to see Cristina's playoff game, which was a shame. I didn't want her to think that I would only come up to watch her brother.
It was a good visit and we got to eat together twice, once after the game and once before I left for home, after they went to Mass. It was nice to visit with Maureen, who I don't really know very well. She's taking an accelerated nursing program to become a LVN. Then, her plan is to continue on with her studies to be a RN. I told her I supported her in her quest. Its hard to change careers in your 40's.
You may think its an awfully long drive for an overnight visit, but I love to drive and I got to listen to NO COUNTRY MUSIC the entire weekend.
As for Sandra, she went to Jackson with Chuck and Nicole and made a donation to the tribe. We did get to go to Ed's and have a beer and a bite to eat when I got home. In fact, I cut it short with John and crew so I could get home in time to spend a little bit of Sandra's day off with her. Next weekend we're going to Palm Springs. Whoo hoo!

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