Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What A Horrible Ballgame

Sandra and I drove out to Stockton to see the Ports play the Bakersfield Blaze. We sat in the $12 seats on the third base side, on the aisle. The game wasn't bad until about the 8th inning. To start the inning the Ports made errors on 4 consecutive batters. I don't recall ever seeing this at a pro game. Then one of the Blaze hit a home run and it turned into a 6 run inning. 4-3 turned into 10-3. Then in the 9th, the Blaze hit two more home runs and 10-3 turned into 14-3. Its an hour each way in the car to see such crappy baseball. There were some diehards like us who stayed until the bitter end. I rarely every leave a ball game early. I think the last time I did we were on the trip last year and parking was really tight. I suggested to the guys that we leave after the top of the 9th so we can get out easily. We did and we did.

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M16Murphy said...

I think that was Binghamton, NY.