Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Heart And Sammy Hagar

Sandra and I, along with the Sunshine and Amy, went to Raley Field on Sunday night to see this lineup of bands. It was some charity fundraiser and they banged me $40 a piece for the tickets.
We got there a little too early and couldn't park on the north side like I like to. I've discovered through trial and error that its easier to get out of Raley by parking on the north side than parking on the south side. Sadly, we were stuck on the south side.
That didn't deter us, as we walked over the Tower Bridge and make our way to Old Sacramento. There was a jazz festival going on and the place was packed. Sandra and I had talked about going to the fest, as there was a few swing/rockabilly bands playing that I wanted to see.
The idiots who run the place locked the bathrooms up at 6pm. I didn't pee my pants but I was not happy. We looked around a bit before it got to be time to head back to the ballpark for the show.
I thought we had good seats, we sat 26 rows up off the field (almost to the top) and were head on towards the stage, which was set up about where second base would be.
The daughter of Tom Mc Donald (of the Doobie Brothers) came out first and played for about half an hour. Then Heart came on and though I'm not a big Heart fan, I usually don't change the station when they come on the classic rock stations I listen to.
Ann Wilson can still sing and they played a rocking set. They played most all the hits and sounded pretty good doing it. I noticed on their tour shirts that they were out on tour, having played at one of the casinos in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs) the night before. They even played at one of the casinos in Wendover NV. And that's in the middle of nowhere.
I was hoping they would play one or both of the Zep covers that I've heard on the radio. But instead of playing Immigrant Song or Battle of Evermore, they played What Is And Will Never Be. I seem to recall some controversy about the song Barracuda (which they closed with) being a copy of Immigrant Song. I can't tell that they sound the same, but what hard rock 70's and 80's band doesn't sound like Led Zeppelin?
I don't know if I'd go see Heart as a headliner band, but they put on an entertaining show and I was not disappointed. Here's the wiki.

I'll make no bones about it, I love Sammy Hagar. So I may be a bit biased. One thing about going to see a guy who has been making albums for 35 years is that he just can't play everything you want to hear. If I had my way, his set would have consisted of songs he didn't play.
Anyway, Sammy even alluded to playing songs from each of his eras. So, he played a Montrose montage and a few Van Hagar songs. (I've said this before, but 5150 is a great album, one you should have. The rest of the Van Hagar albums suck.)
One song he did play that I didn't get was a cover of Led Zep's Whole Lotta Love. And it wasn't a true cover, the band played it in bits and pieces. I thought it was a waste of stage time that could have been better spend playing Trans Am, Love or Money or High Hopes. Hell, I could probably name 10 more songs (like Rock The Nation) that would have made the fans happy.
One thing Sammy has always done well is put on a good show. And he did just that on Sunday night. So, even though he played a couple of stinkers, I was happy with the show. And, I got my money's worth. Here's the wiki on Sammy.

Concerts are a great place to people watch, and I noticed a lot of good looking gals in their 40's and 50's. There were a few gals in their 30's and I saw one group of teens who stood out. The fans cheered loudly for Heart and went ape shit for Sammy. I guess it surprised me to see so many people of "my age" still able to get their rock on and enjoy a good rock and roll show.
Sandra said she had a good time and the girls agreed. There was a group of gals smoking pot sitting right in front of the girls (who didn't sit with us, just near us. After all, what self respecting 14 year old wants to be seen at a rock show with her parents) I asked the girls how they knew what pot smelled like and they just looked at me and said "we go to high school." I was a junior in high school when I first puffed, so they're getting to "that age".

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Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

Long, llloooonnnnngggggg time no see! I used to not miss Sammy for anything and used to love his tequila. It just didn't love me. Alcoholism almost killed me buddy.
Oh yeah, by the way this is Ron Costello. You can thank Jill Ward for finding you on facebook and leading me to you again.

I'm not saying this to be hostile or unfriendly but the only way I was able to finally put the addiction of alcohol behind me was through faith in Jesus Christ. :-)
You know I tried to run as far away from Him as I could and somehow I could still hear that still small voice telling me that He loved me and that He gave Himself for me. I finally gave into the call from Him about 4 years ago. You said your mom reads this blog so I'll spare you the gory details of my past 18-19 years I think it's been since I've seen you.

I see you are a man of faith as well. You seem pretty adamant from the stuff on your page about your faith that there is no God. I never knew you were and atheist. I always remember what a kind and friendly person you were to me. Here, you're mom will like this, you have a big heart Joe! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that atheists can't be warm and friendly people. You obviously are one. Warm and friendly person that is.

What is interesting to me about atheists is that they always seem mad at the God they don't believe in. Another thing that I don't get is if there is no God, then why make such a big deal about it? Who cares, seems like a waste of time and energy to defend a point of view against someone who doesn't exist. I know I'm only seeing things from a christian world view so that is not necessarily fair to you. Maybe you could help me to see things from your point of view? I want to be fair.

I was blown away to recognize Dan Ward, who had been sitting in our Sunday school class for months before I finally recognized him. I actually recognized Jill first.

I live in Hayward, maybe we can catch up sometime? I'll friend you on facebook. Thanx for always being a great friend Joe!