Tuesday, August 31, 2010


No, I'm not quitting blogging. But one of my followers quit following and took her avatar off. Maybe it was the atheism, or the boobies. Either way, for the rest of you and as always, thanks for coming by.

Vida Without A Car

I had posted a couple of car pics with Vida Guerra a while ago and that post turned up on my feedjit quite a bit for a while. Here's a couple of Vida sans cars.

What 4th Amendment?

Here's one from the Agitator where the gal flying is search by TSA and she's asked about her prescriptions and the checks she's going to deposit. The Philly PD got involved and called her husband, thinking she's "clearing out the checking accounts". When did we as a nation surrender our 4th amendment rights when we fly? This is yet another reason I drive everywhere, the trip back east last year being the exception that proves the rule.

Well You Bible Beaters?

He also said to "turn the other cheek." So, what's up with all the killing in Iraq and Afganistan when we should be loving the Islamics.

I've Done This

Back before I weighed over 300 pounds, when I checked into a hotel room I used to leap on the bed. I called it the "Flying Saito" after an old wrestling move on channel 2 at 4 o'clock on Saturdays.
Actually, the tag line here is right on the money. Sandra had to pass the "travel test" before we could get really serious. What is the travel test you may ask? Well, let me tell you...
You gotta like going on trips. You cannot be a pain in the ass and whine. We gotta agree on the music, for the most part. (though I let Sandra listen to that god awful country) You gotta have an agenda for a good time. You gotta hold your liquor and not barf in the hotel. You gotta not gross out when I pull off to pee on the side of the road. (like a real man does) Stuff like that. Fortunately, Sandra passed the travel test. And on her behalf, I passed her travel test as well.

For This I Would Go Bowling Again

Bikini clad bowlers in high heel bowling shoes. If they looked like this I'd go back.

This Made Me Chuckle

Y'know, I never could stand on my hands. I bet my dad can still do it and he's 75 years old.

Cool Body Paint

I Like Fishnets

I think I said in a couple of previous posts that I like fishnets. Here's a reminder.

Only One Month Away

Pretty girls, beer, cleavage, what's not to like?

One Cool RV

This is an Oldsmobile front with an rv back. This is cool.

The General Is Everywhere

I think this is photoshopped but its pretty cool

This Entertained Me

Monday, August 30, 2010

One Hell Of An Idea

For Sarah, one of my regulars. Actually its a hell of an idea for any beer. In fact, at Ed's over the weekend, two guys were pretty drunk and drinking Guinness. They ordered the hottest wings that Ed's sold, and they were so hot that Sandra got all sweaty just sitting next to the wings when they were put on the bar.

This Kills Me

Jesus Osbourne

From lolgod. This made me laugh.

I Hate The Flu

Goddamn it, I think I've got the flu yet again. And in the summer too. Fuck. I AM NOT HAPPY about this. It doesn't feel as bad as the last time I had it, when we all went to Tahoe and I spend my whole week high on cough syrup and NyQuil.
What gets me is that I get the flu shot every year since I've been with Sandra. Weak ass shit!

One Bit Of Good News

Todd facebooked me a link to the pension plan we all belong to here at the happy homestead. I've mentioned the program (called PEER) that lets me retire early at full rate when my age and years of service equal 80. When we get the boot next year I'll only have 75 points. (25 years of service and 50 years of age)
I saw on the link that if I have 25 years of service, I'm locked in the PEER so when we get the boot next year, I can retire fully when I turn 55 even if I don't get any more work in the Teamsters. I don't quite know what's going on at Safeway, and there aren't too many Teamster barns that have the PEER 80 like we have.
So, once we get the boot next year, I need to get a job. Well, maybe after the two years of unemployment I've earned comes and goes. Anyway, once I get a job I'll be able to collect my pension early, with health insurance. And that news makes me happy as hell.

Congrats To Meesha

Meesha has some pics of his USSR passport and his documents that allowed his family to emigrate to our fair country. Give then a look here.

Why Hospitals Scare Me

From the Agitator, who you should be reading on a daily basis. I hope this guy wins billions of dollars. He's in the hospital for a car crash. They're prepping him for chest cancer surgery, they've got the wrong ID on him. The patient and wife go to leave and the security guards assault him twice before he escapes. This guy can't win enough money.

Friday, August 27, 2010

This Is So Wrong

Thanks to the Agitator, we learn here that in the city of Montgomery AL, the city can declare your house a "public nuisance" and you will have to pay to have your own house demolished. Or, the City can tear down your home and when you can't afford the bill, they take your land and sell it to the highest bidder with you not getting any compensation. What the hell happened to "rule of law" in Alabama?

Hurry Up Already

I wish He would just get her and do the rapture thing already.

I Can't Win It Either

Depressing Post Recovery

After that last depressing post, I thought I'd brighten up all our days by posting a pic of Jordan Carver and her big boobies for our minute a day. She really needs to pose topless.

We're Run By Idiots

The branch office/warehouse I spend most of my time at has an all Latin carrier force. There's been little turnover in the year plus I've been here with the Wall St job. Most of the carriers wave hello to me and a few of them pet Chico The Dog.
You regulars have read that times are changing in my industry. Well, they're changing for the carriers at the branch.
Currently, and for another month, the carriers are contracted by the Teamster district managers. (I've done this) The managers oversee the delivery of the product to the carriers and the interaction between the customer and the paper.
Starting in October, the branch is going to a dealer style operation. This means that the carriers no longer work for the Mercury, but they work for the dealer. Which means that everyone is getting a 30 day notice next week for the end of September. Which means that carriers don't know if they're keeping "their" routes come October. Which has got some of them pretty riled up. They need these routes, they don't get up each and every day in the middle of the night to drive around and deliver papers for the hell of it.
I'm not sure why, but the Mercury pays the carriers before the end of the month. Now this is really stupid. If you're a carrier and you don't give a shit, you collect your compensation and don't finish the month. When Marie and I were carriers for the Chronicle/Examiner, we got paid the Thursday after the period ended.
So tonight, the managers heard that some of the carriers may not show up. Because they got paid yesterday and don't really give a shit about some 30 day notice. So they got one of the management people who speaks Spanish to come in and schmooze with the carriers. Funny thing is that if you're pissed and not coming in, what good is someone in management? Mike P pointed out that its a little late for management's input.
About 10 years ago, the Viet carriers really did go out on strike, for about a week or 10 days. Sadly, I was on disability and at the tournament when this all happened. We printed thousands of papers to meet out press number, then tossed them in the garbage because they would just go undelivered due to the carrier strike. Now, I would have had every Guild employee come in early and toss a route to show the carriers who was in charge. But did we? Of course not! And we get what we deserve.
This change to dealers affects me as well. Right now I pass out papers to each of the routes and the three dealers. This takes me a couple of hours and is the gist as to why my job exists. It takes longer to count out 5 routes of 200 than it does to drop a dealer's 1000 papers. So, when the whole place is dealership, my 2 hours of work can be done in 20 minutes. That means they can cut my shift to a 6 hour shift that I can't afford to keep.
And, with the WSJ print operation moving to Walnut Creek, I think the company will have Ryder bring us the papers in a trailer and have one guy deliver them to the branches on a 6 hour job. Or, we'll drive a trailer up to WC and get the papers ourselves, then deliver them to the branches in an 8 hour job. That's one job where we have two currently. And I'm not the most senior guy. I think my personal days of wine and roses are coming to an end around the end of the year. I'm hoping for the best but preparing to bump the least senior person off his job.

My Backyard , Soon

This Kills Me

The Tie Looks Nice

Its Sad

Its sad when your dream turns into a dead end. I think my dream of early retirement is going down this same street. Maybe by the time I'm 60.

This Kills Me

They're Not There

Here's a link to an NYT article that I got from Snave. The Japanese are always bragging about how many people live in Japan who are over 100 years old. Its a testament to the Japanese way of life. However, when officials went out to see some of these people, well, they're dead. Or missing. Talk about bureaucratic running wild. And, of course of the arrogance of the Japanese people.

We Have Power

I drove the rv into work tonight after putting in almost $100 in the tank. I wanted to see if my 20a/30a adapter worked. When I got everything plugged in and went to check power in the coach, lo and behold the microwave's clock was on.
The test was to run the A/C and it runs without a hitch. Whoo Hoo!
What this means is once we clear out of the condo over Labor Day and we're "homeless", I'll be living in the car wash in the rv. Sandra is insistant that she's staying in the unfinished rental. I don't think being in the way of the construction crew is all that good of an idea, but sometimes things aren't worth hassling. I'll drive "home" on my weekend and I think we'll stay at Motel 6 in Antioch so we can hang out with each other and Chico The Dog. Remember, Motel 6 is pet friendly. And they have a pool.
This should only be for a week or three. Once the flooring is in and the kitchen and bathroom sink put in I think we'll be ready to go.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Minute A Day

Here's the ever yummy Lucy Pinder with a little bit more makeup on. I guess I haven't looked too hard but I think she has some topless pics floating around. If I ever find them I'll share, after all its good for our health.

This Kills Me

I live me the sign pics.

Franklin Graham Is An Idiot

How many times does Obama have to say he's a Christian before idiots like Franklin Graham believe him?


I just don't think its brought out enough that Hitler was a God fearing Christian and he thought he was doing the "Lord's Work" in killing the Jew. Of course Jesus was a Jew, go figure how Hitler could wrap that one around his head. Stupid shit over the invisible Sky Daddy.

Beavis Kills Me

This Made Me Laugh

Look at the red shirt in the background. It says "Enjoy Vagina" in the Coca Cola script. This made me laugh. And it was on tv.

I Want One

They're salt and pepper shakers.

Hey Baby

This Gal Is 6'9"

This is 14 year old Elisany Silva. According to
Curious Photos, Elisany is 6'9" tall. You just don't see this everyday.


Sandra's spent the last three nights at Home Depot with Big Charlie going over the needs of the condo. We spend almost $3k last night on stuff and still have to go back for paint and flooring.

The buyer signed off on all the contingencies and we're on track to close on the 8th of next month. It looks like our Labor Day weekend will be spent filling up the pod with the rest of our stuff and then we're on the waiting game until we can get the place finished.
Its a downsize move, but if we keep a positive attitude and embrace our new living space, we'll have an enjoyable time.

Sandra saw in her in house newsletter a stackable washer and dryer for only $350. She called the lady and asked for the measurements. If it fits in our spot we're going to buy it as a new one runs for at least $1000.

Bomb Dropper

I think I mentioned that Chico The Dog dropped a bomb on my bear pillow when we got home from the cruise. He also stood right in front of Sandra and peed on the carpet in the extra (Kyleigh's) room.
We kind of wondered if he would protest being left at the doggy sitter this time. Sure as, well, shit, Chico dropped the bomb on the throw carpet the stager brought over downstairs. Fortunately, none of us found it the hard way and Sandra cleaned it up. I think Chico is telling us he doesn't like to be left behind, though the sitter says he loves it over there.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arty Nude Of The Week

Katy is this week's arty nude.

More Body Paint

One Guess

You get one guess as to who's dock this was loaded on.

What A Sharp Tattoo

I like this one.

For The Gang Of Three

What Was It?

What was the name of the movie where the guy invented and sold jeans with cutouts in the butt to show said butt off? Its not trivia, I don't know the answer.

This Is Cool

What a great bicycle.

This Kills Me

What really kills me is that the Muslims and Christians believe in the same invisible Sky Daddy. Go figure.


This is an interesting tattoo.

This Made Me Snicker

Your WTF For The Week

Sexy Barbara Eden

It was Barbara Eden's birthday last week, and here's a sexy shot of her without her Jeannie stuff on.

Poor Jimmy B

Jimmy had last week off on vacation and tonight was my first night back to work. I asked him how camping was and he told me everyone, including his wife backed out on him. He was so discouraged he didn't go by himself. You regulars know I go to Sandy Beach by myself often enough.
I told his tale of woe to Sandra and she said she wanted to go horseback riding at the timeshare campground that Jimmy is a part owner of. He's offered to set me up for a week to see if I like it or not.
So, I told Jimmy that we would go camping with him next year. Its sad that a pal of mine can't find anyone to go on vacation with. We'll go in July or August, and if we're out of work then we'll just stay longer than a week. Hell, I may stay up there all summer if I'm on unemployment.

Why My Blog Is Not For Kids

This Kills Me

This Made Me Chuckle

When I was younger, we all played Strat O Matic baseball and we used the 20 sided die.

Off With Your Head

I saw on Damn Cool Pics a blurb that says a decapitated human head remains conscious for 15-20 seconds after it happens. First off, I've wondered about that myself and secondly, what do you possibly think about for that time frame? Hmmmm.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

No Vegas For Old Men

Yep, no Vegas for any of us as Sandra got really sick on the way down so we stayed in Barstow and turned around to come home. So the Sunshine is getting cake and that's about it. And money.

Friday, August 20, 2010

More Christian Bullshit

Here's a link to a story that tells us that the bible beaters never ever give up. They've got two military bases in the US offering "spiritual fitness" under threat of punishment. A soldier's choice is to go get preached to or take punishment. I guess the 1st Amendment doesn't apply in the Army.

Yes I Have

I've dropped bombs that felt just like this. And you have too, don't deny it.

Its Always About The Money

I used to work with a Mormon guy, Big Mike, and he told me (IIRC) that they don't have the passing of the plate at the Mormon church, but the church sends a bill for the yearly operating expenses of the church and you're expected to pay your share.
He also told me (and I've seen this on a bumper sticker or two) that the Word says "no paid clergy." If any of you can steer me to that exact quotation, I'd be a happy man.

I Love The Bible

I just love me some Old Testament shit. There would hardly be a bride left in this country if the Christians REALLY believed in the Word.

I Would Try This

The tag line for this pic was "do you want milk with your coffee", inferring that the gal is lactating and will supply some of her milk for your cuppa. Now, you all may think I've got serious issues, but I've been wondering what breast milk tastes like. Since my swimmers all seem to drown before getting to the finish line, getting a gal pregnant and having a child so I could try her's just wasn't in the cards for me. But, I'm still curious.

Arty Nude Of The Week


I went into the rental (soon to be our new home) a couple of days ago and Big Charlie and his crew have put a big dent in what needs to be done. We found too much dry rot in the kitchen so we're pulling out most all the cabinets and going with a new sink, counter and such.
The very dirty carpet is pulled up and gone as is the popcorn ceiling, (how 70's) They patched the walls and demoed a half wall in one of the bedrooms.
Sandra and the Sunshine went to Home Depot to order stuff today. They agreed on the cheaper things. We're giving the Sunshine some say in it. I think she needs to take a stake in the move and the redecoration. She's not getting everything she wants, but we're paying attention to what she says. She's got an eye for color and fashion, better than Sandra and I.
The buyers want to close escrow a week early and that's OK with us.
None of us are happy about the move, but it has to be done and that's just the way it is.

Going To Vegas

The Sunshine turns 15 on Monday so we (Chuck, Nicole, Sunshine, Sandra and I) are heading to Vegas tomorrow after everyone gets off work. I thought we would drive straight down, but we're stopping along the way and finishing the drive on Saturday. I guess the timeshare isn't open 24 hours and we won't get there in time before the office closes. I don't quite know what the plans are, but I hope to sneak out to a 51's game if they're in town. I'm using one day of vacation and switching one day.
Unlike the trip to Tahoe, I don't expect to have the flu this weekend so I'll be out and about with the camera.


Someone from O'Fallon MO came by and poached almost 30 pics. Good, I'm glad you liked them and come back again.