Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Kills Me Three

I WasWondering The Same Thing

I Don't Like PBR This Much

Actually, I can't recall ever drinking one. But for the beers I like, I can't think of getting one tattooed on my neck.

No Shit, Sherlock

I bet everyone who reads my blog can say this. But how good of a decision to get it in 200 point type?

Yes, I Have Been Touched

Its a good day blogging when I can mention the FSM on three different posts. It most helps my journey to the stripper factory and beer volcano. (that's FSM heaven for those of you not yet touched)


Why is a naked man jumping on the bride?

Speaking Of

Here's my new bank.

I Like This

Though "proof" is a awfully strong test of evidence, I still believe in evolution. What kills me is that you can believe in the Christian God and evolution at the same time. They're not mutually exclusive. For reasons we aren't meant to understand, God uses the forces of evolution.
Of course, I still don't believe in any gods. Except for the Flying Spagetti Monster. All hail the FSM!

What Did Happen?

I'm not all that enraptured with Angelina Jolie. She's not classically pretty, which isn't a crime. Sometimes she has a good look to her and sometimes she photographs awful. She's not my cup of tea.

Jesus Is Employee Of The Month

This kills me. I may have already blogged about this, but when I was living with the She Devil we were coming home from an A's game with Mark and somehow the conversation got on the name "Jesus." Mark was correctly asserting that the Latins used the name "Jesus" to honor the son of god, Jesus.
The She Devil said that that wasn't true. To name your son "Jesus" had nothing to do with the son of god, Jesus. What an idiot. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Love. Is. Strange.

This Kills Me Too

At first it was just the pink ribbon for breast cancer. Now its every cause you can think of. One guy here at work has a ribbon on his Harley that admonishes us to all pray. I want a brown ribbon for "Take a Healthy Shit Day."

This Kills Me

Interesting RV

I wonder how the seams look up close. And what the insides look like.

Love God And Help The Poor

That's what Jesus says to do. Not use His word to be a narrow minded bigoted asshole.

I Guess It Wasn't The Neighbors

It turns out that the neighbors didn't let Chico out the back patio. The Sunshine accidentally let him out one day and a guy inspecting the outdoor plumbing let him out the other time. And I've had a latch on the gate the whole time. Shows you how often I go out my back gate.

About Time Someone Blames God

Stevie Johnson is a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. He dropped a game winning pass in overtime that cost the hapless Bills a win. Here he tweets that, basically, God let him down. Its about time that one of these bible beaters blames God for bad things that happen. Remember, if you believe in this silliness, God is responsible for ALL things good and ALL things bad. The Devil is just God's right hand man.

Fixed, But More To Fix

Night before last, two older ladies knocked on our door. They were from the HOA board and they apologized to Sandra for the delay in getting the plumbing fixed. They were really nice to Sandra. I was at work.
This is the issue when we had the service called and they did a plumbing call out when our drain backed up again. It turns out there's roots tearing up the pipe. And that's not our issue, that's the HOA's issue. I guess there are members of the board who aren't exactly happy when they have to pay a dime. There's 320 (or 360, I can't remember) units in the complex and I can't believe we're the only ones with tree root issues.
I believe it got fixed yesterday. At lest for now.

Now we're on the shower knobs that won't turn off and on the hot water. Its neverending.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Why I Don't Live In The Snow

Here's A Million Dollar Idea

Metallic ink on underwear that will show up on the TSA scanners. They're of the 4th Amendment, which the TSA violates each and every day. And we put up with it.

A Great Quote From A Great Man

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

~ Abraham Lincoln

I Feel Safer, Don't You?

I feel so much safer now that noted drug recidivist W Nelson has been apprehended by our brave Border Patrol. Seizing a few ounces of that evil Marijuana that Nelson was transporting (probably across state lines) makes me feel so much safer.

(sarcasm alert)

Now really, do you think the cops even need "probable cause" to pull over Willie's tour bus?

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Really Red Tree

I poached the link from Tony's KC. I like how the red tree contrasts with the blue house.

A Leggy MM Gunning For Tom

She's a pretty good looking pilgrim.

Scary Tattoos With Headdress

I'm almost at a loss to comment on this one.

A Yound Paula Deen On Someone's Calf

Naaa, I don't think its really Paula Deen, but like Paula, I've not seen a stick of butter I didn't like.

Pilgrim Buttering Up Tom

Dress him up all nice and such. Then off with his head. I ate Tom on Wednesday and he was tasty.

Scary Moobs

Now when you can hold your cigs with your moobs, well, that's just scary. Better not ever be me.

What The Hell?

Now THIS is an interesting tattoo. What's up with the tie?

Tallest Couple

Here's the article. My dad mentioned this at dinner last night and he said that Yao Ming of the Rockets and his wife were taller than the couple from Stockton CA, they just hadn't applied for the record yet.

A Good Quote

Demanding proof of citizenship in Arizona is fascism; demanding proof that I don't have a bomb under my balls in an airport is patriotic.

Jim Treacher-2010

More From The Agitator

Here's a short post from Popular Mechanics that explains why the new full body scanners are such a joke. They don't mention that ex TSA leaders are shilling for the company that makes the scanners. They're useless, except for taking pictures of us naked. I saw part of a clip of a gal on tv that goes through the searches wearing a bikini. I don't know if it was a joke or not.

Poached From Young Big C

celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in
my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I
killed them and took their land. ~ Jon Stewart

I got this from aspiring rapper Young Big C. His first album is Stack Tactics. Its on Amazon and I tunes.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

From The FFRF

“True virtue is life under the direction of reason.”

— Benedict Spinoza, Ethics, 1677

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Kills Me

This Made Me Chuckle

I Can Only Imagine

what this tastes like. Only in Japan.

What The TSA Has In Store For All Of Us

Like The Mighty Eagle

Look how big the bird is compared to the handler's arm.

Straight From Our Warehouse

Step Mom Turkey Day Humor

Bev sent me these. She's spending the holidays in Texas with her daughter Teresa.

The Worst Soccer Miss Ever

This is worse than Johnny Bench missing the three inch putt one year at the celebrity golf in Tahoe. I looked at Josh and told him, "that's why you always putt out."

NPR Is Right On Top Of Things

I poached this link from The Agitator. Here's a NPR story where they're just now figuring out that the SSA trust funds don't actually exist, they're IOU's from the government. So its borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. And we owe Peter big time. Needs based, I'm telling you its coming.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Got 100%, Bitches

I poached this from Kriss. Its a pretty easy science quiz. Take it here and fess up in the comments.

Texas Loves Obama

I poached this from a rv site I'm trying out. This is in the middle of rural Texas, I guess they're not too fond of our President.

Don't Get A Butt Lift

Forewarned is forearmed!

You Dirty Rat

I've had the rv at work for a couple of months now. One of the guys I work with, we'll call him K, has license issues and can't drive for a while. So, he drug his trailer out into the car wash and was staying there so he could keep his job easier.
Another guy, we'll call Jesus (because that's his name) was staying during the week above the garage so he wouldn't have to make his 2 hour commute in the car each way.
When nobody ratted me out for staying in the car wash in the first place, we all figured it was flying under the radar.
As it turns out, according to rumor, someone, who we'll call snitch, went to HR to report Jesus staying above the garage. That got Facilites involved and they came out and bitched that we were camping in the car wash. Snitch was alledged to have a bit of a hard on for Jesus, and that's why the call was made.
So, instead of punishing one guy, we all got hosed. Especially K, who really needed to stay in the car wash for many a month. I'm pretty much done with the car wash, in fact Sandra and I got the rv back to the spot at Rodies.
But still, you would think that some of these fuckers would think a bit first before having a hissy fit.

I'm Not In Trouble,

I had a run in with the same supervisor that can't spell or use quotation marks. He was an ass the last day I dispatched and I reported his out of hand commentary to my supervisor. He was talked to and I made it clear that this guy is never ever to speak to me again.
I haven't seen the guy in a year and a half. Sadly, he was at the branch about two weeks ago. Now, I divvy up the IBD and slot it into the cubbyholes. Routes and dealers changed and my boy blew me off when I asked him what to do with the papers without a home.
Funny, the next day I put them on top of the cubbyholes and he tracks me down in the warehouse, waves his arms at me and scolds me like a 6 year old. I can't argue with him because it would be insubordination, so I take it.
What I do do is I go to HR and explain the entire situation. My lesson for this guy is "don't talk to me, ever again." Maybe this time he'll learn it.
My callback from HR is about two weeks late, so I guess we'll see.
What they may be waiting on is a letter that a subscriber wrote to the publisher expressing his distaste for my boy's style in communication with customers. The writer was (note was) a decades long customer who wanted his paper porched, due to his handicapped wife. This is not an unusual request and its one we should meet. I guess the customer asked for a management call back and he got my boy. Not only is my boy rude to Teamsters, he's rude to basically everybody. And, he was rude to this long time ex-customer. So, the customer quit and wrote a rather long letter to the publisher naming my boy by name. Now it seems its not only me with the issue with my boy. I've been told that "everybody knows" this guy is a pain in the ass. But, its not like the company is going to do anything to him. I open my mouth and I'm in trouble. My boy opens up his mouth and nothing seems to tanigbly happen. Still, I got my stab in, so life isn't all bad.

Billboards For Jesus

Meesha's been out and about with his camera taking pics of Jesus billboards. Don't see too much of them in California. Here's the link.

RV Trivia

Which First Lady did not have to change her last name when she got married?

wait for it

Eleanor Roosevelt. She was a distant cousin of Franklin and a niece of Teddy.

What Passes For An RV Riddle

4 cars come up to a 4 way intersection from each direction at the exact same time. Since nobody decides to go first, they all go at the same time and continue on their way without hitting each other. How is this possible?

wait for it

They each turn right.

A Few From Voltaire

Atheism is the vice of a few intelligent people.

There are no sects in geometry.

The truths of religion are never so well understood as by those who have lost the power of reasoning.

Sect and error are synonymous.

Common sense is not so common.”

— Voltaire, Philosophical Dictionary, 1764

You know where I got this from.

A Great Quote From The FFRF

“I am no Christian.”

— Thomas Chatterton, published letter to his family. Cited in A Biographical Dictionary of Modern Rationalists by Joseph McCabe (1920).

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Judge

Here's a pretty gal posing with a GTO with the Judge option and the convertible option as well. I'm not sure what else the Judge option got you, but it did get you the flashy paint, hood scoop and the tach in the hood. If I won the lottery I'd have a car like this to park next to my 1963 Coupe De Ville that's at the Riverside in Laughlin.

Chevelle By Lake

I used to have a pal, Dave P, who had a Chevelle that he was turning into a nice car like this. I guess I wasn't good enough or I stutter too bad or I wasn't good looking like her Dave, but his wife was always a bitch to me. I never had a bad word to say to her. She was rude to my then wife as well. In fact, at their wedding, when the bride and groom go to all the tables and say "hello and thanks for coming" she saw us at the table and physically pulled Dave away to the next table. I did call him out on it one day after a rec league basketball game. She was rude to me in front of the whole team as we were out in front shooing the shit. After his wife drove off, I asked Dave why his wife was so rude to my wife and I and what either one of us ever said to her to warrant such behavior and what he planned on doing about it. Dave had a big heart and he was embarassed (which is what I wanted) for his wife's behavior. We have a couple of the same facebook pals, but there's no way in hell we'll ever be friends.
The She Devil and I did see Dave and his wife at one of the A's fanfests. He was really happy to see me but she couldn't shrink and hide behind Dave enough. I guess I've always had that touch of rubbing people the wrong way.

Selling The General Lee

This is a rather beaten up version of the General Lee. I found some pics of pretty gals and cars that I'll be putting up. The site said "selling cars on ebay" and I guess these are from ebay ads.
When I was a kid growing up all the hotrod and muscle car magazines had pics like this, pretty cars and muscle cars. Hell, its an American tradition.

Friday, November 19, 2010

No Paid Clergy

Maybe it wouldn't be so burdensome to carry the church if there weren't so many levels of supervision to pay. I'm not sure where it says it in the Good Book, but my old Mormon co worker confirmed for me that the church isn't supposed to pay the clergy. When I was living with the She Devil, they collected money for a gift for the pastor on "Pastor Appreciation Day." That was yet another time I asked her how that fulfilled Jesus' prime directive, that being to "give all to the poor and follow me."

Going To Hell

Yep, that's Jesus painted upon her naked body. She's going to hell and I am too for posting such blasphemy.

More Religious Bullshit

Y'know, we're taught (IIRC) that the Pilgrims came to America for "religious freedom." But more than a cursory glance reveals that the Pilgrims came for economic advantage as well as "freedom" for their faith and their faith only. Only the guy who founded Providence RI (who's name is escaping me right now, its Roger somebody) wanted freedom for all faiths. Try being a Catholic back in that day. Or hell, try being an outspoken Atheist and see how long it would have taken you to get banished or killed. But remember, God loves us all, even as He's allowing us to be killed by His minions.

Coming Soon

Its still two weeks away, but don't forget that my birthday is coming soon.