Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chico Is Spoiled

Last week, Sandra and the Sunshine were getting ready to leave in the morning for work and school. That means its time for Chico to be put out in the patio. It was raining, but he has a doggy house to sit in. He started crying and whimpering, so the Sunshine got a soft heart and they let Chico back in the house with the sliding door cracked a bit so he can go outside and do business. What that really means is he hops back up on the bed with me and snoozes on the comfy bed in the warm house instead of outside in the cold.
Now he's let in every day. I wake up about 3:30 and he's on the bed with me. Yesterday he was lying on top of me, waiting for me to get up and pet him. He's got the dog's life, that's for sure.

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