Thursday, December 23, 2010

Contract Talks

In previous contract talks with the company, we've not been informed of the ongoing progress. We get called to a ratification meeting, go over the changes, and vote. Sadly, we lie down like the bitches we are and vote "yes" every time. I've never voted yes on a contract. We've not kept pace with UPS, which pisses the shit out of me.
This time, we have Teamster employees sitting in on the talks. And we've gotten a look at what the company wants. Its not pretty.
First off, they want a 20% pay cut from us. They want us to pull out of the Teamster health and welfare (which means we'll lose the health with retirement) and for the same contribution amount, sign on with the company's insurance, which is a hundred times shittier than what we have now. They also want us to contract out some of our out of county runs and have unlimited 30 hour shifts for those who are left. (currently they get 12 "short shifts")
Oh, and they want to freeze our pension contribution as well. And take a week's vacation from us.
The latest job count issue shows the company wanting to cut 17 of 25 Home Delivery jobs. I don't think they've quite gotten to Transportation yet for further job cuts.

If we get a contract, its not going to be pretty. I'm 10th on the seniority list, so I'll have a job somewhere in the company. Its only 2.5 years to go if we get a new contract, so I'll probably stay if the Wall St job I have now continues in some form, with weekends off.
The Company is saying that the industry is in trouble (true) and that advertising isn't meeting its numbers, (also true) But, the Company has admitted to making money at all its papers except for one, when they filed Chapter 11 in court. So, we're making money in a tough economy, but not enough to keep the status quo, much less give us parity with UPS.

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