Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trip To KCMO?

I've referred to Charlie as my step brother on this blog more than once. I'm not actually related to him by blood or marriage, but by mutual decision. I was the Best Man at his wedding and I'm the godfather to his two children.
He's in the Reserves and they're going to Afganistan for a 13 or 14 month deployment. This is in March. I can't let him fly off to a war zone without going to see him, so it looks like Sandra and I are going to make a road trip at the end of January.
No, we're not driving to Missouri, we're flying and renting a car for a long weekend.
I have a couple of facebook pals who live in the KC Metroplex, it may be time for a face to face with Meesha and Xavier. At least for a soda and a handshake.
Also, and I can't leave this out, I get to see my godchildren Leandra and CJ.
Its not a for sure thing, but after conversation with both Charlie and Sandra, we're leaning towards going.

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m.v. said...

let me know when you are in town