Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Good Atheist Song

Bacon Eating Atheist Jew recommends this to all his atheist readers.

I Love Waffle House

On one of the rv sites I look at, there was a factoid that Waffle House serves up more T Bones than any other chain in the country. Over 10,000 a day.
I've eaten at Waffle House a couple of times in my drives to Kansas. The portions aren't very big but the food is tasty.

This Kills Me

I'm Putting Down "3"

If Sandra nags me enough, I'll put down "Viking" for my race. She got me riled up the other day when she said she already filled out the census and sent it back. I'm such a gullible guy.

I Want More

I want priests in jail and the church broke from paying off the injured.

Yes It Is

Remember what Grant sent me about the health benefits of staring at breasts each and every day.

Lucy Pinder Doing Housework

Here's a couple of shots of the ever delicious Lucy Pinder doing housework. I think I've put up a few shots of her before. She's easy on the eyes.

This Kills Me

This Is Interesting

How Snowmen Are Made

Yet another reason why my parents are grateful we didn't grow up in the snow.

This Made Me Snicker

This Kills Me

On So Many Levels

This too is so wrong on so many levels.


According to rumor, we had a guy crinkle the top of the box on his bobtail when he got lost and tried to enter a parking structure to turn around. I don't think the damage was quite this bad.

Poor Tigger

This is so wrong on so many levels.

This Kills Me

I Don't Know

I have no idea what's in her hands. *snerk*

Santa Vs God

31 Fingers And Toes

This is the real deal, I guess.

Not Me

I sure have a beer gut for not drinking beer. My shirt would say "food" instead of "beer."

Bugs And Legs

A pretty gal leaning on an old school Beetle.

This Made Me Remember

When I was a kid we went to the Grand Tetons three times, when I was 6, 9, and 12. There was a Shell station in Jackson Hole that had a sign that said Aspen Super Service. A S S. Kurt and always got a big laugh out of that.

I Did Not Know This

I did not know that naked women strolled the highways of Europe, looking for stranded truckers.

Look Close

Each chair says "last one" on the tag.

This Kills Me

I think the picture of the She Devil was a little too big for a void stamp.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinosaur Point

For the countless times I've driven over Pacheco Pass on SH-152, I've never taken the old road down to Dinosaur Point. Except for the boat launch, there's not much there. Its a state run park and they charge $16 to launch a boat and $10 per car to picnic. We ran Chico here a bit and then headed back to Clayton.
It turned out to be a good overnighter. I'm really going to miss weekends off if/when I go to Safeway.
Oh, and my ribs feel ok after my first day back to work.

Nice Green Hills

We took SH-25 north and made the scenic drive. I think we were a little too early for the full spring colors, but there were a lot of purpuly flowers in bloom, as well as a few California Poppies.

A More Modern One Room Schoolhouse

Priest Valley is near the intersection of SH-198 and SH-25. Here's the one room schoolhouse that used to serve the area. It really is in the middle of nowhere. I've never really noticed it before but it caught my eye the day before, so on our way back through the valley we pulled off and took a few snaps.

Not Quite The Next Day

After dinner at Parkfield, we headed south until we got to SH-46. We were about 45 miles from Lemoore CA, and there's a casino somewhere around town called "The Palace." I had Sandra plug the name into the GPS and it came right up. So, we followed the turn by turn directions and went straight to the place. Its huge and was pretty busy for a Saturday night. I found a $10 Pai Gow table and broke even. Sandra made her donation to the tribe.
We stayed in Coalinga, on I-5. The next morning we doubled back on SH-198 for a while until we got to SH-25.
On our way, Sandra asked about a bathroom stop. Hell, we're in the middle of nowhere and there's no bathroom. Except for the bushes. There's some roadwork on SH-198 and the road goes to one lane with a stoplight. On the other side of the barbed wire fence was a porta potty. I lifted up the gate from the bottom and Sandra climbed under the gate and peed in the privacy of the porta potty. She said it was "disgusting" inside. We let Chico The Dog run in the field a little bit before pressing on.

Dogs In Front

Violet wasn't the only dog at the cafe this evening. When we got outside, Chico saw me petting other dogs and he started barking his fool head off. We let him out and he played well with the other dogs.
In the middle pic you can see me petting Violet.
The food was good, as I remember it from last October when I came here on the fall ride. Sandra ordered beans with a dinner and only could eat the beans. She sometimes still has eyes bigger than her now very small stomach. So, I ate some of her steak, as did Chico. I can't really be doing that anymore, since the scale at Kaiser said 328 when I was there for my ribs.

Pics In Front Of The Cafe

I'm such a fat ass that I had to go and buy some 3XLT shirts to cover my ever expanding belly. I think I've had the shit sufficiently scared out of me to finally stick with something. When I hurt my ribs I went to Kaiser and my BP was 195/120. They weren't going to let me leave until it came down a bit. When it got to 170/115 they prescribed some hypertension meds and sent me home. I had blood work done and am currently waiting for the results. I even changed doctors, my old doc was in Union City and it wasn't convenient for me to see her. So, I got one in Walnut Creek which is an hour and ten minutes closer.
Joe had diabities, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure when he died. And here I am starting down the same road. So, I've got to put the kibbosh on this in a Kansas City minute. When I see my new doc for a sit down, I may even ask about the gastric bypass or lap band for my fat self.

In Parkfield Again

We got into Parkfield in time to get dinner at the cafe. Both Sandra and I were hungry. The lodge across the street was sold out as an entire family had rented it out for a reunion and a 90th birthday party. It looked like a good time.
There was also a 4-H hootenanny somewhere in the bottom pic. I've been to Parkfield a few times, but never on a busy Saturday night.

Problems On Parkfield Grade Road

When we took the Parkfield Grade road off SH-198, there was a "road closed" sign off to the side. Hmmmm. Well, you can see why the road was closed for a while as part of the road itself has crumbled away.
In the bottom pic you can tell how green everything is at this time of the year. By June, this will mostly be brown.

A Quick Overnighter

Sandra and I took a quick overnighter this last weekend. Spring has come to my part of California, and most everything was green. We drove down US-101 and got off at SH-198. Our destination was Parkfield. I wanted to eat the beans at the Parkfield Cafe and pet Violet again. Of course we took Chico The Dog with us. Look at the top pic, you can tell that Sandra is still losing weight. I think she's over 90 pounds lost so far. If not 90, then close to it.