Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moving In

Over the weekend, Chuck had really made time on the floor. By Monday he was finished with the floor and almost finished with the baseboard. So, Sandra and I slept in the condo on Monday night. She's tired of couch camping and staying in motels. And of not having Chico The Dog with her. We went and got Chico on Monday night and he was one happy dog when we showed up at the sitter's house.
He only howled when I got up and he knew I was up. He wanted to be in the house with me and I did let him in so I could pet him and talk to him.
We still have the kitchen to deal with and the installation of the washer and dryer. But with the floor in, we've progressed enough for Sandra to live there.
The Sunshine has made it clear that she's not coming home until her bathroom is finished. I don't blame her for that. We got a new sink and countertop for "her" bathroom and it needs a door hung. What 15 year old doesn't value her bathroom privacy.
I'm still going to keep the rv at work. I'm going home this morning but staying at work the following two nights. I need to get some laundry done.

One More Stop

We got up Sunday and started the 500 mile drive home. Sandra was fiddling with the GPS and she wanted to stop at the casino. So, we plugged in the Tochi Palace in Lemoore and took SH-99 and some two lane farm roads to get to the casino. I think next time we do this I'm going to take I-5 to SH-43 and then find my way there.
Anyway, Sandra was hungry so we went and ate at the casino. One problem with her bypass (and I've mentioned this before) is that she can't eat nearly as much as she used to. So there's always leftovers for me to eat. Like that's what I really need. But, I hate to see food go to waste. Sandra ate until she was full, then beat feet to the casino floor. I leisurely ate my chicken fried steak (it was delicious) and walked around a bit before going outside to take these pics. Sandra found me and she had already made a quick donation to the betterment of the tribe. So, we got back in the car and made it home.
I don't know if I'll ever go back to Tijuana, but it was an interesting trip and I'm glad Sandra and I did it.

Speaking Of The Policia

The guy in the white truck was parked in a loading zone. The policia came up and sounded their siren a few times until the driver came out. We had been walking by and I don't know if he got a ticket or not. The policia wear their bullet proof vests outside of their uniform shirts, which you don't see in America amongst the uniformed patrol officers too often.
Sandra was starting to run out of steam, so it was time to head back. We got a taxi and he drove us right to the walking path towards the border. Along this sidewalk was the only place we saw beggars in Tijuana. Sandra pointed out that the beggars along the avineda all sold something, trinkets and such.
I'm glad I let my mom nag us into getting our passports. The line to get into the US was very very long for those without proper papers. For Sandra and I it was waiting for just a few minutes before getting our passports swiped and our purse and backpack x rayed.
Once back in the US we got a quick bit at Jack in the Box. Sandra wanted to go swim back at the motel so we didn't dilly dally. My feet started to hurt. Who would have imagined that new Chuck Taylor's would hurt one's feet? I've got a dime sized blister on the back of my foot. So, we took a taxi back to the 6 and it was twice as much as the cab ride in TJ.
I was hoping to buy something leather in TJ, but we couldn't find the leather shop. And, nobody sold postcards. In fact, back in San Ysidro, we went to three places and the help didn't even know what a postcard was. Finally at CVS they had a rack of San Diego postcards.

What All First Time Visitors Do

We let ourselves be pulled onto the cart for a picture. One pic for $5 turned into 3 for $10, then change for "donkey feed." If I was in America I'd be pissed, but in Mexico its just the way it is and you either go with the flow or get a tight ass. So we posed with these stupid hats and got to pet the donkey a bit. There were a number of these carts on the sidewalk in the downtown shopping area.
There was an article in the San Diego Union Tribune that talked about the declining tourist traffic in Tijuana. The mayor of TJ noted that the American recession and the increasing drug violence was keeping the tourists away. He added that the economies of San Diego and Tijuana were tied closely together.
At no time did I feel unsafe, nor did Sandra. We saw the policia drive by numerous times and I really didn't think we would be robbed in broad daylight in the shopping district. Maybe a purse snatching, but not a hold up. There weren't that many Anglo tourists out and about, I saw first hand that the article in the paper was valid. Of course we didn't go into the red light district where the donkey shows are, so there may have been more male tourists there.

Of Course Sandra Finds A Casino

Yes, Sandra managed to find a casino while we were in Tijuana. She's got the nose for them. What was nice about this casino was that they didn't allow smoking. I can only think of two casinos that tried the no smoking policy, one in Reno and one in Vegas. Neither one stood the test of time. I've said this on the blog before, but I think the casinos will be the last bastion of public cigarette smoking in the US.
What was different about this casino was that there's no place to put your money. You pick a machine, then go to the cashier and get a receipt. (we had an employee of the casino do this for us) Then you play until you either lose all your money or want to cash out. When you cash out you go back to the cashier and show them your receipt. Then you get paid. Sandra won about $15, and they paid her in USD, not in pesos.
The guard did tell me "no photos" and I apologized in Spanish. At least I got one picture in.

Viagra Is Sold Like Asprin

Here I am copping a cheapie from the mannequin. You can really buy Viagra by just asking at the counter. And, yes, I did buy some. Its not really cheaper than with a prescription in the US. The 50 mg pills were $5.30 each and I think the 100mg pills are about $8 in the US. Its been almost two years since I renewed my prescription and my memory is inexact. The Mexican Viagra is yellow, not blue.
And if you already think this is TMI, then scroll to the next post. If not, scroll down a bit.

OK, I tried one later that night and it didn't seem to work as good as 50mg of the real US stuff. Viagra makes one flushed in the face and I didn't feel that flush. I had bought some Viagra over the internet and it came from India. It was less than half as strong as the US stuff. Sandra had bought me some from the Carribean and it was a little stronger than the other foreign stuff, but again not as strong as the Pfizer made Viagra.
Once you get to a certain age, I guess shame passes you by. We've had the Viagra conversations at work and guys are really interested in the results. Hell, I'm almost 50 and ED has come for me a time or two. Guys who aren't old enough have taken the blue bomber and it brings back memories of when we were 15 years old and got a hard on for really no reason at all. Ahhhh, those were the days. Youth is really wasted on the young.

On The Balcony

It was warm for our day in TJ, and I wanted a Pacifico. So we went upstairs in one of the storefronts and sat down. I wasn't hungry and wasn't really sure I wanted to risk eating anything. But a cold beer sounded good and Sandra agreed. My broken high school Spanish got us two beers and a Diet Coke for less than $7.

From The Balcony

One of the biggest tourist draws at the border is being able to go to the farmacia. Sandra had a shopping list of stuff that was really expensive in the US, but cheaper in Mexico. We went to the farmacia in the picture on the left hand side of the street. Our clerk, Angel, was raised in Oakland (73rd and Lockwood he proudly proclaimed) and spoke English like we all do. He was wearing a collared dress shirt with a Raiders tie, so we hit it off well. We spent almost $300 at the farmacia, with Sandra spending the brunt of it.
One thing I couldn't get was Vicodin. I wanted some stronger stuff than my prescription calls for and we were told that you can't get Vicodin in Mexico, unless its smuggled in for $3-4 a pill. Hell, I've got a prescription and I don't need to go to jail in Mexico for buying smuggled drugs.
Since we didn't look like natives (one guy asked if I was from Oklahoma) the shopkeepers all wanted us to come into their shops or restaraunts. It seems that they all sold the same stuff and haggling is part and parcel to doing business.

No Checkpoints

There was no checkpoint on the Mexican side of the border. There was one Mexican Marine in full battle dress to the side, but we didn't have to show a passport or anything to cross. It seems to me that if you go further inland there's a Immigration checkpoint for going deeper into the country.
We walked into Mexico and there were cab drivers ready for the tourists. I asked for one in Spanish and told him, again in Spanish, where we wanted to go. The cab ride to the shopping district was $6 there and $5 back. La Avinedia de la Revolucion is the name of the main drag in Tijuana. And the above shots are when we got out of the cab.
There's no mistaking us for natives, so all the trinket sellers came right up to us, which kind of unnerved Sandra a bit. She did buy a dollar bracelet from a young girl no older than 5. Later, Sandra's heartstrings got tugged on and she gave the same girl a $5 dollar bill. I told her she was a sucker, but she answered that she got five dollars of enjoyment out of it.

Sandra At The Border

After walking through the gate, we were at the actual border. Look at how much weight Sandra has lost after her bypass.

No Man's Land

The drive down to San Ysidro was uneventful and we were snug in our beds by 12:30 am. Its odd, Sandra's GPS was set up to avoid downtown LA and SD, so we took the scenic route a bit instead of straight down I-5. We stayed at Motel 6, which was about a 10-15 minute walk from the border.
Late Saturday morning, we took that very walk after breakfast at Denny's. Here's a shot of the first gate through the border. We're still in the USA.

This Kills Me

Grant sent me this. Give it a look, it made me chuckle.

A Great Quote From The FFRF

“Not only have the 'followers of Christ' made it their rule to hack to bits all those who do not accept their beliefs, they have also ferociously massacred each other, in the name of their common 'religion of love,' under banners proclaiming their faith in Him who had expressly commanded them to love one another.”

— Georges Clemenceau, In the Evening of My Thought (Au Soir de la pensee), chapter on "Gods and Laws." Translated by William Raymond Clark, professor of French at Salem State College, Massachusetts. For more about Clemenceau, see Prof. Clark's article, "George Clemenceau: Journalist: Statesman, Atheist," Freethought Today, August 2002.

Friday, September 24, 2010

For A Few Days

I'll be away from the blog until probably Wednesday morning. I made our reservations in San Diego and am picking up Sandra from work as soon as she gets off. I'm hoping I get some good pics of Tijuana and such. Come back Wednesday.

My Personal Pot Farmer

I am voting "yes" on Prop 19.

For The Gang Of Three

I had to go by one of the branches today and fix my fuck up. I saw my non blogger pal Todd and told him I'd put a pic of big boobed Jordan Carver with gun. So Todd, if you did come by, welcome back.

This REALLY Kills Me

Go to the comments if you don't see it.

This Kills Me

Cool Bike

Here's a sharp Royal Enfield at the Dragon.

Swimming With Flippers

A Sharp Corvette

I wonder how it drives.


Nice Tattoo

This Kills Me

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Good Quote

"The Vatican should be treated as a kind of ”rogue state” by the rest of the world until it stops using statehood – and the ancient rules of the canon law – to protect paedophile priests."

Geoffry Robinson, Aussie author.

I poached this from Sean.

Pretty Gal In Cosplay

I don't really know what "steampunk cosplay" is, but I saw this pic and thought it was a really sharp pic of a pretty gal. Pretty blue eyes, red hair and fair complected, well, I think this is a good look.

This Kills Me

I recently got my head buzzed. Now if I'd have really been on the ball like this guy, I could have had the same kind of cut. Could you just see Sandra's face if I came home with a guy shitting shaved in my head?

This Kills Me

Yumi recently accused me of being a boob man. Well, she's not exactly wrong. I do like the female form. And I do like boobs. Even on my odometer.

I'm Going To Hell

This Kills Me

Now this is how motorcycle insurance companies should advertise here in the States. Hire the ever yummy Lucy Pinder and friends. Then give them soapy water and a hose while wearing slinky swimsuits. I'd buy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guns, Boobs And Fishnets

This is the every yummy Jordan Carver helping to protect our Second Amendment rights.

Straight Up And Down

Look at the sunlight map. The sun lines are straight up and down, which means its the equinox. Pretty cool stuff.

One Minute A Day

A Good Quote

Now THIS Made Me Laugh

From the recent visit to London. I'll never really understand how anyone buys into it.

First Octoberfest Sighting Of 2010

I don't think I could finish one of those liter steins of beer, which is probably a good thing.

I Wish

I wish my painters looked like this, I may have had to make closer inspection of the work.

I Like Her Bats

Your Own Boob Koozie

I Had One Like This

Only if you're old do you remember having a cell phone like this.

I Love Draft Beer

On the occasional time I drink a beer, its rarely out of a bottle and never ever out of a can. Its usually out of a tap into a frosty mug.

Not When I Used To Bowl

Nobody looked like this when I used to bowl, which was a damn shame.

This Made Me Chuckle

Jesus Pulls The Pistola

What kills me about this pic is not Jesus resorting to firearms, but the In N Out cup on the table. Now THAT Kills Me.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why The Constitution Still Matters

Meesha took this pic in Williamsburg KS on a recent drive through rural Kansas. Here's his post on the day trip. I think this line of thought is the product of wackos, but its the kind of speech that most needs protecting.

This Is A Surprise

Sandra's birthday is on Wednesday. Some of us went to Spagetti Factory and ate last Sunday. Sandra's under this idea that we need to celebrate her birthday all month, after all its her "birthday month."
So, she texted me today and said that she wants go to to Mexico next weekend. To Tijuana. At first I was kind of hesitant, but I spoke to Jess at the Wall St and he assured me the way to go is to take the trolley to the border, walk over, then take a $10 cab ride to the heavily patrolled shopping district. Where there's a number of farmaica's for us to go into, as well as other shopping.
I think this could be kind of adventurous. I have been to Mexico before, but I only walked in a couple of blocks into the town of Agua Prieta, which is next to Douglas AZ.
I akin it to going to San Francisco. If you go to the Sunnydale district, well, you may get shot. If you go to the shopping district at Union Square, or Fisherman's Wharf, well, the SFPD doesn't want the toursit dollar to dry up. So, as long as you're paying attention, I think you're reasonably safe.
I went by the condo yesterday to find my camera charger and it wasn't in the bag I thought it was, so I went to Best Buy and bought a charger. This little weekend should give me plenty of picture taking opportunites.

I Was Hoping

I was hoping that the ever yummy Lucy Pinder would come around and wash my scooter. Sadly, I guess it is not to be.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Want This Tattoo

Maybe not of David, but I want the FSM tattooed on me. I told Nicole the other day, with Sandra there, that I was a Pastafarian and my prophet was named Bobby Henderson. Sandra told me "See, I told you you were religious." She Kills Me.

OK, Another Shot Of Girls In Bikinis

Yeah, the title is all true. But, these gals are from MIT. So they're really really smart as well and nice looking in a bikini. Smarter than I am, that's for sure.

Old School Legs

This Kills Me

I love the 20 sided die. And the fishnets.

Betrayal Is A Powerful Word

I had my usual Thursday night dinner with my parents last night. Randy was MIA. Sandra and the Sunshine are hosting a 50th birthday party for me in December. I'm going to invite Josh and there's been discussion about inviting the She Devil as well.
Sandra's point (and I can't disagree with it) is that you get to a son through his mother. So to get Josh to come to my birthday, Sandra thinks I should invite the She Devil. I really don't want to see her, but I do want Josh to come. My mom asked about it and I said I really didn't want her to come.
Recall the post a few posts ago about the Judd's on Oprah. Wyonna's ex husband was arrested and I think convicted on sexual charges with a minor. Wyonna talked about the "betrayal" of that incident on her marriage.
After I told my mom that I didn't want the She Devil to go, I mentioned the word "betrayal" and how appropriate it was in her decision to fuck other men while married to me. I said that even though I loved the She Devil both times I was with her, I just couldn't get over the betrayal when I was with her the second time. And that's the primary reason I didn't marry her again. She betrayed me and that was that. I'll admit it was a heart and soul crushing experience and I haven't gotten over it, 30 years later. I don't lie in bed at night dwelling on it, but when a song comes on the radio, well, it pops into my mind. And it does when I think about how shitty Josh is treating me because I didn't marry his mom a second time and how I didn't go to his wedding because he shunned Sandra and made me choose between him and Sandra.
It hasn't affected me in my marriage to Marie, nor to Sandra. A different dynamic ended my marriage to Marie and I'm still happily married to Sandra, 5 and a half years later.
But, betrayal is a powerful word.

A Good Looking Reporter

Jimmy B sent me these. Inez Sainz is a reporter for a Mexican tv network that was in the news recently when the Jets' coaches and some players gave her shit for being so good looking. Its a shame that she can't just do her job covering the Jets or football in general. Here's her Wiki and a short piece on the Jets incident. And that's a body after having three kids, good for her.