Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Colors At The Dragon

Fall is a great time to ride. Hopefully my dad and I can squeeze in a ride next month.

Pastafarians Celebrating Halloween

May His noodly appendage touch us all.

Crow Is Not Tasty

With the Shitheads up over Texas 2-0, there's been some interaction of facebook with my friends. Sandra has been shooting some shots over my bow. I've talked a lot of shit for a long time that the Giants will never win the World Series and here they are two games away. Texas just looks awful. It will be one of the darkest days of my life if the Shitheads win the WS.

Poor Chico

On the day we left for camping he had peed in my soft sided suitcase. Then he peed in the coach during our outing. I figured I didn't get him outside in time. But he peed again as we were going home, this time on the couch. When he's upset he does things like this. My mom says that according to Ceasar, dogs don't hold grudges. It is odd for Chico to pee like this. We're still putting drops in his ears, of which he's not too fond of. I may bring him into work with me tomorrow, its been a while since I've been able to bring him in.

I Don't Get It

First off, shouldn't Lucy be posing with hundreds instead of ones? What a cheap photographer! And I don't quite know what she's dresses as, any ideas? I found a couple of good pics of Lucy here and here. I said I'd find them and I did. Click here if your panties wrinkle easy.

Desparate To Text

Parents Of The Year

epic fail

Watch Out

This is a good look, except for pedobear in the background.


Where do you get a hot dog at a wedding?

Always A Good Question

This Kills Me

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Cool Tattoo

The shadowing makes it cooler.

This Kills Me

What Really Happens At Church

Though I think the gals are too old and of the wrong gender.

I'm Not Getting What I Want

I forgot to mention that at Sandra's birthday dinner, Sandra and my mom tag teamed me on wanting a boobie cake for my birthday. I got told I have daughters and granddaughters and I'm not 12 anymore. So, it looks like I'll get a bikini cake instead. Maybe I should ask for a penis cake .


Your WTF for the week.

This Kills Me

Interesting Tattoo

I figured out it refers to the Poe poem, but I wonder how much it hurt, especially in the cleavage.

Maybe You Hear Better

through your boobs instead of your ears.

Trick Or Treat

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Is An Interesting Story

Either last year or two years ago, IIRC, students from RVHS got together and opened up "Hello, My Name Is Yogurt." Students run the show, except for the daytime when the kids are in school. Its the only yogurt shop in town and I had to stop for some Butter Brickle. It was pretty good. If you're ever in Rio Vista, this is on N Second St., a block from Main St.

After our yogurt we headed back to camp. We stopped and talked with a guy who had a cappicino colored miniature poodle, so Chico got to sniff some butt. Then we drug our sorry asses back to camp and sat down. I really am old and out of shape.

More On Main St

The top pic used to be the movie house. When you poke your head in the lobby, you can see the stairs that go up to the balcony. I got my hair buzzed at the barber shop to the right of the main entrance, where the flag is.

The bottom pic used to be Safeway, from 1905 to 1960. Every so often there's hopeful wishing that Safeway will come back to Rio Vista, but I think there's no way.

Street Scene Of Main St

Firehouses Next Door

The top pic is of the Montezuma FD station and the bottom pic is of the Rio Vista FD station. They're next door to each other. This is the only time I've seen two different fire departments next door to each other like this. MFD handles the rural area around Rio Vista.

Shots On SH-12

Standing out in front of Mc Donald's.

Old Car Dealers

These two buildings are next door to each other on Front St., which is closest to the river. You just can't miss the style. Rio Vista has three car dealers, Ford, Chevy and Dodge. I think the Ford and Dodge dealers are owned by the same people, as you take your Dodge to the Ford dealer for service. They're right next door to each other on SH-12, while the Chevy dealer is at Front St and SH-12, at the bridge.

Rio Vista Bridge

Its difficult for a point and shoot camera to get a big structure like the Rio Vista Bridge. This is the second bridge over the Sacramento at this site. In 1960 a freighter heading to Sacramento ran into the bridge. There's talk of either a tunnel or another bridge to route truck traffic across the river and bypassing Rio Vista.

Plain Building

City Hall is a pretty plain building with a million dollar view.

Monuments In Front Of City Hall

At the foot of Main St is the Sacramento River, City Hall and these monuments. The primary monument is for Humphrey The Whale. In 1985 Humphrey got lost and came almost 70 miles up river from the Golden Gate. It made national news and eventually Humphrey made his way back into San Francisco Bay, through the Golden Gate and to freedom in the open ocean.

Foster's Big Horn

Foster's Big Horn is a famous place due to the animal heads inside. The founder would go big game hunting back in the day and bring home his trophies. I've never been in the place and I've heard that the food is pretty good. Sadly, according to the sign on the door, Chico is not welcome.
Chico and I sat on the bench in front and people were going in for lunch. Sandra and I are going to have to eat here one day.

Hotel Rio Vista

This is not the first hotel on the corner of Second and Main. I don't know when it was built or for how long it was in business. There is a small cafe open on the ground floor. There was an article in the paper about possible investors turning the hotel into office space. But a year later, here it sits.
I do like the old neon signs.

Oldest Brick Building In Town

It currently is a pizza place, one that I have not eaten at yet. I've yet to go in and see if they deliver to Sandy Beach. The building is the oldest brick/masonry building in town, dating from 1890.

What Is It Called?

Do any of you know what the feature is called where the front door faces the actual corner of the intersection like this one does? I think it's pretty cool and you don't see them in new buildings.

Someone Ran Out Of Money

This building (across from the library on S Second St.) has been in this state for a while now. Two or three years ago, it seems to me, there was work going on here. But it looks like someone ran out of money and now the building sits halfway finished.

100+ Year Old Houses

These two beauties are on S Second St., which is the way into town from the campground. It just so happened that in an edition of the River News-Herald that I bought, the "Exploring Rio Vista's Past" column had old pics of these two very houses along with an article on houses on S Second St in 1906. So they're at least 105 years old.

Coast Guard In The Delta

This is also right by the campground, on the same access road. Every so often I'll see one of the coasties in town buying a coffee or something when I'm taking my walk. I did see them launch their big pontoon-like boat twice during this outing.