Friday, December 31, 2010

Away From The Blog For A Few Days

I've got a long weekend that I may extend a few days so I'll be away from the blog for a bit. Sandra, Chico and I are going camping in Columbia and going to Black Oak Casino for New Years Eve. I don't know if my air card works at the campground, but its claimed they have wifi in the office. I'm bringing my camera so I'll post some pics when I can.

Thanks to all you faithful readers of my blog and I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Yumi Sent Me This

This Kills Me.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

And One More Thing

I wanted to add something to the post with Maria Sharapova. Notice what a strikingly beautiful woman she is. And how many beautiful women tennis players are coming out of the old USSR. Back when the Russians were our enemy, you never saw a good looking Soviet gal. In America, they all looked like the sheet wearing gal on the Wendy's ad. Now that the Wall has fallen, you can really see the hidden beauties of Russia and the other countries. I'll note here that Galina, Sandra's BFF, is a good looking Russian gal. We would have never known how beautiful some of these gals are had the Cold War still been raging.

Looking Good

No matter the contraption, having scantily clad women pose on it always makes it look better.

Women Shooting Guns Are Sexy

Back in the day I recall watching the Braves on WTBS and there was a rain delay or the game ran late or something. The station had about 5 minutes of airtime to fill and they ran a clip of bikini clad women shooting automatic weapons. I recall it to this day. I've only seen it once.

What Is Up With This?


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where's Tiger?

Back before his dick got the best of him, Tiger Woods was the spokesperson for Tag Heuer watches. In a normal world, pre-penis, Tiger would have been in this ad that went in the Wall St Journal last week. Post-penis however, its Maria Sharapova. Here's a direct case of Tiger shooting himself in the, well, foot. Or wallet, depending.

Jesus Speaks About Bananas

OK, Jesus. The banana fits into a rectum just as easily as it does a hand. So, what do you have to say about that?


This Is Odd

How does a car crash into a plane on the roadway?

An Apple A Day

Or something like that.

This Is, Uh, Interesting

Trip To KCMO?

I've referred to Charlie as my step brother on this blog more than once. I'm not actually related to him by blood or marriage, but by mutual decision. I was the Best Man at his wedding and I'm the godfather to his two children.
He's in the Reserves and they're going to Afganistan for a 13 or 14 month deployment. This is in March. I can't let him fly off to a war zone without going to see him, so it looks like Sandra and I are going to make a road trip at the end of January.
No, we're not driving to Missouri, we're flying and renting a car for a long weekend.
I have a couple of facebook pals who live in the KC Metroplex, it may be time for a face to face with Meesha and Xavier. At least for a soda and a handshake.
Also, and I can't leave this out, I get to see my godchildren Leandra and CJ.
Its not a for sure thing, but after conversation with both Charlie and Sandra, we're leaning towards going.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shouldn't She Be Under The Tree?

and not at the river's side?

Interesting Tattoo Work

I'm Going To Hell

Prop 8 Christmas Poster

This made me chuckle.


Do You Wonder Why?

That moderate Islamics are so afraid of the radical ones?

My Next RV

Look at the name. "Minnie-bug-o" This kills me.

Whoever Smelt It, Dealt It

Let me guess, you dropped the bomb.

This Made Me Chuckle

This Kills Me Three

I poached this from Sarah.

This Kills Me Two

On The Face

It must take a lot of "Pride" or something like that to get a tattooed slogan on your face.

This Kills Me

I Can't Remember Her Name

I'm Heartbroken

I went to Mc Donalds after PT today and I was dealt a heavy blow. Mc Rib is gone. Goodbye Mc Rib. I had to settle for Nuggets and Mc Doubles. And fries. And two apple pies for a dollar. Though the ones at KFC are better.
In fact, one of the good things about camping at Sandy Beach is that the KFC in Rio Vista is a combo with Taco Bell. So I can get my Taco Bell goodies and finish off with two deep fried apple pies from KFC. Its really is no wonder why food is such an issue with me.

Pat Robertson Backs Up On The Pot Issue

Here's the link to Its shameful to see CBN disobey Genesis 1:29. May God Smote The Infidels.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chico's Other Sweater

The bottom pic is Jimmy B petting Chico on the Wall St dock and the top pic is Chico in the warehouse sitting in his doggy bed. I'm working on the command for him to go to his bed, it works sometimes. He's looking snazzy in his other new sweater that Sandra got him. The Sunshine says its too fem for a boy dog.

You Won't Believe This

I poached this from The Agitator. Its Pat Robertson saying in a roundabout way that we should soften our pot laws. This is a milestone day, I agree with Pat Robertson.

WTF? On My Dime

This is why the TSA and DHS should be abolished right now. Some employees (on our dime) have nothing better to do than troll this guy's site. Of course there's that silly continual violation of our 4th, 6th and 14th Amendment rights.

Lots Of Hits

I wrote this post three years ago. It shows two pics of Santa pooping down the chimney. For the last couple of weeks its a hot topic on my feedjit. Though feedjit has become weak in its application, it is still interesting to see what search words bring people to the blog.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

A couple of months ago, I wrote about G here at work. He's the guy who got the rack room job due to some serious ass kissing and breaking of the contract. Time passes, and G doesn't seem to be working in the rack room anymore. He's switched duties with the swing/vacation relief guy in Single Copy. (we'll call him N)
E mail is such a part of the modern business operation, you all know this. But G doesn't even know how to turn on a computer, much less read or write an email in English. So, when people make requests for racks to be fixed, he can't read them. So they don't get fixed. And you can't sell papers out of a broken rack.
When G goes out into the field, if he can't find a rack he goes home. (so I've been told) They've written him up and it hasn't helped.
What kills me is that switching duties with N is a direct violation of the contract. If you can't do your bid job, you go to the casual hire list. Or, you get fired.
We are such an embarassing Teamster barn. We don't even have a shop steward in our department. Nobody gives enough of a shit to take on the duties. Don't suggest that I put up or shut up, I've been the Shop Steward and I was forced out when I reminded the head of our local that "you work for us." I never lost against the company, but it was sometimes difficult to defend guys who really needed punishment.

So, that's where we sit for now.

Contract Talks

In previous contract talks with the company, we've not been informed of the ongoing progress. We get called to a ratification meeting, go over the changes, and vote. Sadly, we lie down like the bitches we are and vote "yes" every time. I've never voted yes on a contract. We've not kept pace with UPS, which pisses the shit out of me.
This time, we have Teamster employees sitting in on the talks. And we've gotten a look at what the company wants. Its not pretty.
First off, they want a 20% pay cut from us. They want us to pull out of the Teamster health and welfare (which means we'll lose the health with retirement) and for the same contribution amount, sign on with the company's insurance, which is a hundred times shittier than what we have now. They also want us to contract out some of our out of county runs and have unlimited 30 hour shifts for those who are left. (currently they get 12 "short shifts")
Oh, and they want to freeze our pension contribution as well. And take a week's vacation from us.
The latest job count issue shows the company wanting to cut 17 of 25 Home Delivery jobs. I don't think they've quite gotten to Transportation yet for further job cuts.

If we get a contract, its not going to be pretty. I'm 10th on the seniority list, so I'll have a job somewhere in the company. Its only 2.5 years to go if we get a new contract, so I'll probably stay if the Wall St job I have now continues in some form, with weekends off.
The Company is saying that the industry is in trouble (true) and that advertising isn't meeting its numbers, (also true) But, the Company has admitted to making money at all its papers except for one, when they filed Chapter 11 in court. So, we're making money in a tough economy, but not enough to keep the status quo, much less give us parity with UPS.

This Kills Me Three

This Kills Me Too

Sexy Vampiress

No, I Don't

Happy Birthday Zeus!

Grant sent me this. Right click to make it more readable.

See How Good This Looks

I want one.

Big Bad Wolf

Tattoo Of Gal On The Pooper

Yeah, this is EXACTLY what I want on my arm.

This Kills Me

Chico Is Spoiled

Last week, Sandra and the Sunshine were getting ready to leave in the morning for work and school. That means its time for Chico to be put out in the patio. It was raining, but he has a doggy house to sit in. He started crying and whimpering, so the Sunshine got a soft heart and they let Chico back in the house with the sliding door cracked a bit so he can go outside and do business. What that really means is he hops back up on the bed with me and snoozes on the comfy bed in the warm house instead of outside in the cold.
Now he's let in every day. I wake up about 3:30 and he's on the bed with me. Yesterday he was lying on top of me, waiting for me to get up and pet him. He's got the dog's life, that's for sure.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gemma In A Santa Hat

Not as sexy as my Sandra.

I've Not Seen This Before

I've seen a lot of things on the internet, but I've never seen a gal in a tub of chocolate pudding before. So, here you go.

Happy Holidays!

I'm celebrating the Solstice as usual, but if you like Christmas, knock yourself out. Grant sent me this last year. I think it will be an annual tradition.

This Made Me Snicker

A Good Quote

I Still Believe In Them

though I'm really interested to see what mine is going to do for our next contract.

Santa Needs Viagra

This Kills Me

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What 4th Amendment?

Here's a case where the van was searched purely on the pretext that the van had tinted windows, a paper plate and brown skinned men who got out of the van to stretch their legs. And, they wrote something down on a piece of paper. And, a Federal Court upheld this horrible violation of the 4th Amendment. We get exactly what we deserve.

What The Hell Took So Long

There was an interesting point in Sunday's Chronicle about "DADT." Clinton had pushed it through as a way to placate the Republicans into allowing gays to serve. It was never intended to be a conduit to force gays out of the service, it was a way to allow them to serve. Finally, Obama got off his ass and got this through. What a waste of human resources kicking out so many thousands of trained soldiers. For what accounts to no damn good reason. I'm glad DADT got overturned by the House and Senate. Its about damn time.

Snow In Truckee

Another cell phone pic. Sandra and I got up early on Sunday morning. About 4:40 we left for Denny's to eat breakfast and fortify ourselves for the impending 12 hour drive to Truckee in the worst snowstorm since the Donner Party. At least that's what the news was making it out to be. We brought the Sunshine home a to go box and by 7:15 we had picked up Susan, stopped for coffee and soda and were on our way.
The mighty snowstorm turned out to be nothing but overrated. It rained the entire way to Truckee, even over Donner Summit. There was slush and stuff on the road, and you needed chains or 4 wheel drive to get over said summit, but there was no "blizzard" anywhere except for Dairy Queen.
Cheri cooked ham and turkey and we ate well again in Truckee. I played in the snow with the granddaughters and Ernie and we had a good time. Ernie has a snowball making scoop that Kyleigh just loved. She also loved to toss snow at me, as did Skyler.
By about 4 o'clock we were finishing up and getting ready to head home. Sandra looked out the window and saw the street covered in fresh snow. She thought, "oh oh" and we hit the high road. I was surprised there wasn't more traffic for a Sunday late afternoon. It did snow a bit on the way home, but we didn't even see Mr Plow. We left the Sunshine up with Ernie and Cheri for a few days.
By 9pm I was in bed watching the horrible Star Wars Family Guy. I didn't watch it for long, there's too much other stuff on the cable to watch stuff you don't like.

Chico The Styling Dog

I took this with my cellphone. Chico came with me to work last Friday with a new haircut and a styling sweater. The Sunshine said he looks like a lamb. We left him at the doggie sitter when we went to Truckee yesterday to eat with Ernie and Cheri.

Read This

Ricky Gervais sends us holiday wishes here. He speaks for many people, me included.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Glamourous Stewardess

Though I guess she's more in a captain's uniform jacket. Anyway, working on the airplane used to be a glamorous job, now its like herding cattle. Not a job I'd like to have, dealing with so many unhappy people. Remember back to the last time you flew on a commercial flight. Did you see anyone happy on board? No, I didn't think so.

Unicorn Cow

The claim is that this is not photoshopped. What do you think?

Santa. Jesus. Its All Myth To Me

I've Not Seen This Before

I've been to a flea market or three in my life and I can't recall ever seeing a women's underwear stand before. Much less with such needy customers in front.

Hell, There's A Few More Choices