Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Camping In Columbia

Sandra and I got up early on NYE and it still took us almost 4 hours to get the coach, pack, eat, get gas, go shopping and finally leave. It was a rainy day as we drove the 2.5+ hours from Clayton to Columbia.
We're staying at the Marble Quarry RV Park. They have about 6 tv channels but their wifi is strong enough for me.
Once we got here and set up, we took a nap before heading out to the casino. We played poker and I didn't win a single hand. Not one. So, my $76 buy in went to $0. Sandra didn't do much better, she only won a hand or two before we left. Black Oak Casino was pretty crowded on NYE and they had a disco cover band in the lounge.
We were back in the coach by 10:30 and stayed up just long enough to see the ball drop and after our New Year's Kiss, it was off to dreamland.

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