Friday, January 07, 2011

I'm Kansas City Bound!

I love the internet. With just a few clicks of a mouse and a valid credit card, I got my round trip flight and a car (Dodge Charger) is waiting for me. Sandra, sadly, isn't able to make it this time. She has to work the Friday I leave and there's nobody to cover for her when she has to do the QC on the mammo machines. No flights leave late enough in the day for us to fly out after work and flying out Saturday to fly home Monday just isn't in the plans.
So, I'm leaving Friday the 28th straight from work. I'm staying until Tuesday the 1st. Non stop both ways, in fact most all the flights had at least a stopover, much less the ones that changed planes once or twice. One of the flights timed in at over 9 hours, while the direct one out is 3.5 hours and the one home is 4 hours.
I'm really looking forward to seeing Charlie and Katy, as well as my godchildren Leandra and CJ. And as an added bonus, Xavier and Meesha want to meet for lunch or something. So, I get to meet the authors of two of my favorite blogs. I'm going to suggest we eat some famous KC BBQ somewhere.
This ought to be an interesting trip.

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