Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Mercury Silliness

Almost two years ago, the Merc announced that all of us would take a week's unpaid furlough. I blogged about it here. Two years later, today, our publisher announced that we're ALL taking a week's furlough.
Nothing about it has changed from two years ago. Taking a week off is a collective bargaining issue, one that the company can't just impose on us. And, where is the cost savings in hiring someone to drive my truck while I'm off?
One thing different is that some employees, and I'm not sure who, have stopped accruing vacation, in order to "save money." I can name 5 front line circulation supervisors who can go right now to save money. And a department head.

If this does actually come to fruition, I'll be at Sandy Beach with Chico The Dog.

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