Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Poker Champs

We had a much better go round on New Year's Day at the poker table. I finally got some playable cards and won a few hands. Both Sandra and I were either even or up a bit. It was getting time to check on the dog and leave, so we decided to play a few more hands. I won a monster hand and was up about $100. On the next hand I had a straight and bet $50 on the last card. The player to my right had just won a big hand and I think he thought I was bluffing, so he called my $50 bet and I took his money, and made about $80 more on that one hand.
We tried to get off the table but the automated table dealt us one more hand. I mucked my cards and signed out. Sandra played hers and saw the flop. She had two Aces and two Kings. The player to her right made a big bet so Sandra went "all in" for $79. Three other people called her hand, two of them also going "all in" with what they had in front of them.
Sandra was in the lead after the 4th card and won $319 after the river card. It was a ballsy "all in" and made her day. I was proud of her for not being afraid of the big bet.
Earlier in the play, I was proud of myself for not being afraid of the big bet. I had a pair of Kings and as the cards played out, the guy to my left went "all in." I thought about folding my cards, but I thought I couldn't have a much better hand than Kings, so I called his "all in" for $77. It turns out he had the other two Kings so we chopped the pot. With the other players bets, we each made about $35 on that one hand.
Poker is fun when you get cards you can play. And, of course when you win.

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