Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday's Golf

I actually drug out the clubs on Sunday and played in the first Daddy Longball GC outing of the year. We played the Ranch course at Diablo Grande, outside of Patterson. I played the Ranch course when it was the only course there, in fact it was the day Josh graduated high school. Now there's another course, the Legends, that the club is playing later on in the year.
I parred the first hole and bogied the second, in fact I didn't play all that bad until the turn. Scores of 9,9,10 and 13 twice pretty much turned my day into shit. I did shoot 54 on the front but turned in an embarassing 70 on the back, to total 124. I can only post 8 strokes per hole, so my 124 turns into a 110 on my club card. 14 strokes of adjustment is just sad. I only had 17 putts on the back, but 21 on the front knocked me out of the lowest putts competition.
Finally on the 18th I parred to salvage my ego.
The course was in top shape for the middle of January, though Spring is starting to show itself in California.
If you're interested in the club results, I've started a club blog here.
The top pic is me (in shorts no less) posing with the cute cart girl, Sandra. Since I met my Sandra I've noticed a lot more gals with the same name. They've all been pretty good looking, from the actresses Sandra Oh and Sandra Bullock, to the most beautiful Sandra of all, the one I'm married to.
The middle pic is the clubhouse from the 10th tee and the bottom pic is the smallish driving range, which had new mats to hit off of.

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darev2005 said...

Yikey schnikey! With a cute cart girl like around that I wouldn't be able to keep my mind on the game at all. Rrrowrrr!