Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Walk Of Shame

Sandra and I got up early to again head back out to the casino. Black Oak was having a tournament at 11:00am, so we wanted to sign up in time and have breakfast before playing. They filled up the two tables and play started promptly at 11. Sandra and I were at different tables and she was doing pretty good. I lost all my chips and had to rebuy in for $10.
Play went along and I had a couple of pretty good "all in" hands. Sadly, I didn't have enough chips to really make the other players pay. I had taken a handful of the chip leader's chips when my full house beat his straight. Turns out he got me back about three hands later and knocked me out, causing me to take the "walk of shame."
Sandra was still playing strong as I wandered over to the Pai Gow table. I should have just sat in the car with Chico because my poker luck followed me. My two outings at Pai Gow took away all my poker winnings, that and the amount I lost on Friday. And Sunday night for that matter, when after Sandra's nap, she wanted to go back and play in the cash game.
But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Sandra's good play continued, but it wasn't quite good enough. She finished fourth, and only the top three spots paid. Still, she got in a lot more play than I did.
We did go back to the casino Sunday night. I went to the burger stand for a burger, soda, and reading of the Chronicle, which I was surprised was for sale at the Safeway in town.
They couldn't get enough people to form a game, until Sandra drug me back upstairs to the poker tables. There were enough people to play 5 handed, so we played for a while. I played one hand badly and lost about $25, this when I bought in for $50. Sandra wasn't doing very well either, so when it was time we took our licking and cashed out. Fortunately, two more players had come, so our leaving didn't end the game.
Sandra drove home that night and made it home safely. I extended my three day weekend and am still at the campground as I type this. With Chico The Dog.

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