Saturday, February 05, 2011

9 Inches Of Snow Paralyzes KC

It has snowed all day and at the end of our shift I dropped Charlie off at a friend's house in Roeland Park. He doesn't have 4wd and there was no way he was getting home. My rented Jeep had AWD so I braved the elements and headed back to my hotel.
It was great fun blasting through the snow berms and stuff. Most everyone had stayed home or gone home early from work, the freeway at 5:30 was eerily empty. I may have seen 10 cars going my way once I got on the Interstate.
I cruised along at about 40 mph. The freeway was mostly clear, the snow was high at the off and on ramps. When I got to my ramp I slowed down, found the pavement part of the off ramp, and put the coals to it. I had no issue kicking up the snow and blasting through to the end of the ramp.
I got to my room and decided I was hungry. So I got back on the freeway, again blasting through the berms to get to, where else, Waffle House.
Fortunately, they were still open and I ate and read the papers. The only ones eating at the WH were the plow drivers, one other guy in a Jeep and me. I was really happy they were open.
By this time the snow had stopped and I figured I'd catch my flight out of town the next day.

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