Saturday, February 05, 2011

Almost A $400 Nap

I got back to the hotel, set my alarm and went to sleep. I wake up to housekeeping and sense I'd been asleep for a while. I roll over to look at the clock and it says 1:15. Oh shit! My flight leaves at 1:45. I'm fucked. I bought the cheap tickets that don't allow you to change your flight so it looked like my extra nap was going to cost me the $400 for a one way flight home.
I wake fully up and check my messages. In a stroke of luck, or the intervention of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, my flight was canceled again. Whew, that was $400 worth of good fortune.
So, I got cleaned up, ate and read the papers, then drove out to the house to play some more with my godchildren, who were home from school on a snow day. Katie couldn't get to work either so she was home as well.
Finally, on Thursday, I got on the plane and flew home.

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