Friday, February 04, 2011

Clay County Courthouse

The temp rose to 29 degrees, it was a pretty nice day. Nothing like was forecast. The brick was just icy enough to be slick. This is in the town of Liberty MO, close to where Charlie and Katy live.
We had stopped at the Price Chopper in Liberty for provisions and Leandra drug me over to the bakery counter. She wanted a cookie for herself and CJ. When I asked how much, they said it was free, that all kids were part of the "cookie club." It was the same at Wal Mart when CJ wanted a cookie. In fact at Wal Mart the gal behind the counter took cookies off the shelf to let CJ have his pick. All I could think of was "you don't see that in California." You also don't see $2.91 a gallon gas or 5 people eating out for less than $70 dollars. Charlie and I had Waffle House breakfasts twice and they were less than $20. I can eat almost that much in a sitting by myself. Coffee at WH was $1.45. Its almost a dollar more at Denny's.

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