Monday, February 07, 2011

Kyleigh's First Hockey Game

Ky spent the weekend with us and on Saturday she was all motivated to see her first hockey game. Sandra, Ky and I make the trek to Stockton to see the Thunder play Utah. It was mascot day and that damn Chuck E Cheese was out in front and he scared the hell out of Kyleigh, making her cry. On her last birthday, Chuck and Nicole had the birthday at Chuck E Cheese. ( I think it may have been her third birthday) Chuck E came up to Ky and somehow it scared the hell out of her and made her cry. On her birthday. Goddamn Chuck E Cheese.
We found our seats and got Ky situated with goodies to eat. She watched the puck for the most part and cheered when Stockton scored the first goal of the night.
After two periods it was time to go, so we packed it in and made the drive home. Stockton was winning 2-0. When asked, Ky said she had fun.
Also, Ky got to play with her dog, Dallas. Both Ky and Dallas were happy to see each other. Dallas is still afraid of me, but she let me pet her over the weekend. She's nowhere close to voice control, it will come with time. She's only 7 months old. The Sunshine has claimed her as her dog.

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