Friday, February 04, 2011

My Blog Buddies

I read Meesha's and Xavier's blog on a regular basis and you should too. Once I decided I was flying out to KC, I asked these two if they wanted a face to face with your humble blogger. Thankfully, they said "yes" and set up a meet for Saturday afternoon near downtown, once Meesha got off work.
Arthur Bryant's BBQ is world famous for the sauce. Xavier ordered a huge sandwich that I should have ordered. I got a rib sandwich. Not like a Mc Rib, but two slices of white bread with a slab of ribs on them. I say one being made with three slices of bread and more ribs, that's what I really wanted, but I didn't know how to order it. And, if you don't know how to order, they yell at you. And X ordered a pitcher of Boulevard Pale Ale (another authentic KC treat) to wash it down with.
Charlie and I enjoyed the food and the company. It was pretty cool to meet these two guys and have them turn out to be cool cats and not dickheads. I'd have to say it was worth all of our time to eat together. Thanks to Meesha and Xavier for taking time out of their day to meet me.
And here's X's take on the visit.

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