Friday, February 04, 2011

On The Base

I've got to get into the habit of pulling out my still camera when I pull out my movie camera. I know you can take pics with the movie camera, they're just not as good as the still camera. We're on the army base at Ft Leavenworth, where the old prison is. We saw this sharp MG Midget for sale, price unknown.
Charlie had some business at the base before he goes fully active. We also went to the PX to look around. The prices are about the same as Wal Mart, but you don't pay sales tax on anything. I looked in the army clothing store (separate from the PX) and bought a pair of gloves. I also bought a backpack in the modern cammo design. Charlie had previously bought me 4 pair of BDU pants that actually fit me. The shirts were too small and I don't need another jacket, though truthfully I didn't see them and forgot to ask about them.
We drove around the base and headed on to our next stop.

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