Friday, February 04, 2011

On Patrol

Monday night we tried to get a boarding pass on line for my flight home. When we checked the flight, it had been canceled in preparation for the snowpacolypse. So, since I had another day, I went for a ride along with Charlie. He stared at 7am and I didn't get down there until 9 or 10. I met the chief and filled out the form and we were off.
Roeland Park is 1.7 square miles, so we covered town pretty quickly. Charlie pulled over a couple of cars, one with no brake lights and one with a tinted license place cover. OK, you may think those are pretty chicken shit tickets, but the no brake lights guy had no valid license. He pulled out a license from El Salvador, which is worth bupkis here. He had parked his car in the bank parking lot and to our amazement, he either got a ride home or walked as the van was there the whole rest of the shift.
The above scene, well, you know you're a loser when you're caught DUI at 1230 in the afternoon.
This pride of Kansas was spinning his tires and someone called the cops saying he looked drunk. The other on duty officer got there first, so when the arrest was made, he took the guy to jail while Charlie took care of the tow. The guy was parked in a handicap spot in his dad's car. And he kept on trying to pull his pants down. And when Charlie asked him what time it was, he said 9 o'clock at night.
At the station, he became "unresponsive" so fire and EMS was called out. Funny, he got all better when they were going to take him to the hospital. He ended up going to jail. He was I think in his 40's.
We ended up changing cars as the snow over powered the Crown Victoria's. The code enforcement people drive Escape Hybrids with the AWD. Much better in the snow than the Vic's.

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