Friday, February 04, 2011

One Of The Best Hot Dogs I've Ever Eaten

Meesha mentions here about the wonderful hotdogs Adam Clay sells on the Northside of the KC Metroplex. For no better reason than Meesha's recommendation, we put the address in Sandra's GPS and drove out there. And it was worth it. Both Charlie and I ordered the Bacon and Cheese Dog and let me tell you straight up it was one of the best dogs I've ever eaten in my life. They're Miller Dog good, as good as Eddie's Fabulous 50's Casino had back in the day. They were so good than Charlie got out of the Jeep and ordered himself another one. The next time I'm in Kansas City, I'm stopping here and you should too.

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kcmeesha said...

sounds like you had a busy weekend. I posted on your FB,but don't mind saying it again-it was nice meeting you and I had great time. Glad you liked the hot dogs.