Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pitchers And Catchers

The long nuclear winter is over as pitchers and catchers have reported to camp. Ahhh, Spring. Baseball makes the newspaper that much more worth opening up when I'm eating my dinner. Depending on what time I get up on Sunday, I may go out to Stockton to see the UOP Tigers play ball at 11 and the Thunder play hockey at 4. Of course dragging me out of bed at anything before the crack of noon just doesn't happen all that often.
Sandra's going with Nicole and Kyleigh to a cheer contest in Vegas over the holiday weekend. I'm still unsure what the Sunshine is up to, but she certainly doesn't need me to hold her hand with her mom gone. She may stay at Susan's or stay at the house.
I can't go away for the weekend, though I guess I could if I took the dogs with me. I've got a hankering to eat at the Parkfield Cafe again, and that's an overnight trip. I'm not sure how good of a car dog Dallas is, we'll have to find out here soon.
Y&T is playing at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz. Jimmy B and his son are going and I may have to make my way down there. I ordered their new album on Amazon, Facemelter.

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