Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sandra Brings Home The Bacon

I forgot to mention that when Sandra and the gang were checking out of the hotel in Vegas for the drive home, Sandra had seen one of "her" slots not being played. 10 minutes later, as Nicole is calling her on the cell phone to hurry up and get in the car that the valet had brought around, Sandra bangs a $1350 jackpot. Her timing couldn't have been better.
She gave me a couple of hundred of her winnings when she got home. I will say that whenever Sandra has hit a good sized jackpot, she shares it with me. So, I got online to Island Hemp Wear this morning and ordered me three hemp Aloha shirts. I've got 6 of them already, but I've eaten myself out of wearing them. The selection of XXXL shirts was kind of lacking, though I did find three of them in prints I don't already own. Hopefully they'll fit over my fat belly.

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