Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Y&T Rocked The House

With Sandra off in Vegas for the weekend, I made the drive to Santa Cruz by myself to see the great band Y&T. Jimmy B was there with his wife Kim, as his son was ill and couldn't make it. They sat up in the balcony for most of the show before coming down to the floor. I stood on the floor in the back.
This would be the first show I've seen Y&T play since the death of bassist Phil Kennimore. I don't know who they picked up to play bass, but he held his own.
They opened up with a new song, "On With The Show" and it told the story of continuing to play shows after tragedy. Later in the gig they did dedicate a song to Phil's memory, but that was about it. People wanted to party and rock out, to celebrate Phil and what the band means to them, not get bogged down in feeling sorry for each other.
This is the 30th anniversary of Earthshaker, their third release. This record got them back in the game and some of their best music came out of the 81-85 period. Three of my favorite songs were played, Knock You Out, Hell or High Water, and Hurricane. As on the record, right after HOHW came Forever, in which the crowd sang all the words. Even with my failing memory, I remembered all the words and sang along. It was just like 30 years ago.
I stayed for the entire show and left for home, after a quick stop at the Taco Bell drive thru. Jimmy and Kim stayed until the band came out to sign stuff and take pictures. I've always wanted to meet Dave Meniketti and maybe someday I will. This is where the stutter is a pain in the ass. I can't be sure I'll get everything out in an understandable manner and I have fear of looking foolish. So it keeps me from doing things.
I've said this before on the blog, but it bears repeating. Y&T isn't just a local band made good to me, or just a band I've been watching for 30+ years, or anything like that. They're a band that to me is as good as AC/DC, Van Halen and Boston. Every. Bit. As. Good. In fact, IIRC, Van Halen used to open for Y&T back in the LA club days. Now that's a rockin' show.
If you ever have a chance to see Y&T, don't pass it up.
The poor pics are from my cell phone. Jimmy B took some good video of Black Tiger from up above the stage by where he and Kim were sitting.


M16Murphy said...

Shannon and I wanted to go to the show but she was sick over the weekend. (Now I am.)

The weekend before I bumped into John Nyman at a grocery store in Castro Valley. We chatted a bit about the old local music scene and he urged me to come out to Santa Cruz. I really wish I had been able to.

Joe said...

I think the Catalyst is 21 and over, which is why I didn't bother you with it.