Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I Can Really Use This

Its a shame I'm under Federal DOT drug testing that overrules California's Prop 215. I hurt almost every day, I guess being 50 does that to you. I'm not sure I like Big Pharma's answer to pain, I would like a more natural way to manage it. Of course for some of you, well maybe not my faithful readers, but you all know 10 or 20 people like this, its about the high. I've admitted on this very blog that the cookies are the way to go. But, its not like I need something to make me eat more than I already do. Pot or codeine. What a choice.


darev2005 said...

Twelve more years. Then I can kiss those random drug tests goodbye and feel good now and then.

Joe said...

Yeah Rev, its less than three for me, but I may still work after leaving the Happy Homestead. College isn't cheap and I want the Sunshine to have every chance to go.