Friday, March 11, 2011

I Never Did Get To Go

There's been a couple of eras in my life where I knew people who knew people who fought cocks. Way back in the day, the first time I was with the She Devil, in fact when I was still dating her, her brother in law was a leader of a farmworker crew and he knew the where's and when's of the fights. The She Devil's sister's boyfriend, (the world famous and well loved "Scotty") got to go once but I guess I was too white or something and I never got to go. The She Devil's family never had me in a single family picture, but Scotty was in all of them. The She Devil was not the family favorite, so I guess there's no reason they would give a shit about me.
I worked with a guy, Chuck J, who knew someone who vouched for him at the fights. So he got to go and was one of the only white guys there.
I work with another guy, a Filipino, who knows people who fight the cocks.
I think I'd like to go once, just for the spectacle of it. And I guess the risk of running through the fields for my very life when the cops come. I think its a dangerous place, the cockfights. You have a lot of big money betting, drinking, fighting, whew! I also think a lot more goes on at the cockfights than we ever hear or read about. Just once, it would be interesting and great blog fodder.

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