Friday, March 18, 2011

Nose Tampon

I had a couple of bloody noses over the weekend, no big deal. I get them on occasion. Come Wednesday night I'm sitting at Carl's eating my food and reading the three papers, after my doctor's appointment. I did mention the nosebleed to the doctor, but when my BP came back OK, it got forgotten about.
Anyway, my nose starts dripping blood. And it won't stop. As I bleed all over my newspapers and my nice Ben Davis shirt, the pile of napkins grows and grows. The counter people even ask if I'm OK. Its odd, there's no trauma, I didn't pick it, and I don't snort drugs. So, there's no real reason for this.
Finally, after about an hour, it stops. I've already called in sick so I go home instead of going to work. I can't be late at the Wall St. Somebody's got to be there when the product comes out or it literally goes on the floor in a 350 bundle heap.
Its just as well I called in, as an hour later it starts again. Sandra looks at me and says "We're going to the doctor right now." I agree with her and off we go to Kaiser's ER.
They eventually get to me and try and cauterize the wound in my nose. Sadly, it doesn't take. That's when I got the balloon up the nose. I felt it expand waaaaay back in my nasal cavity. The balloon is covered with coagulant so my nose doesn't continue to bleed. Problem is its aggravating my sinuses and causing me a small migraine. Of which I can't take aspirin for as aspirin thins the blood.
And, if you look closely in the pic, its making my right eye puffy and water something fierce. And my nose is leaking as well. I know, gross. And probably TMI but too bad.
I get to make an appointment for early next week at the Head and Neck department to get this taken out. Not a minute too soon.
Everyone at work had questions when they saw the tube out my nose. I told them all it was for direct cocaine snorting. Only some of the guys had a sense of humor.

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Why would u put this pic up