Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sunday's Golf

The Club had its monthly outing on Sunday at Saddle Creek Resort in Copperopolis. I haven't played here since I lived in Stockton, so its been a while. The housing development has sprung up and the crash has hit here hard, as it has in most golf/resort developments.
Its still winter, so the course was in good shape for the time of year. The greens were soft and much slower than I was used to and I never could get my speed down. That's still no excuse for 43 putts, though I only had 18 on the front 9.
I shot 127 and only could adjust 5 strokes, after I took a 14 on the second hole. I hit the ball better, I just didn't score real well and I couldn't putt.
It was cold when we got there but when the breeze died down it warmed up a bit. It still wasn't short pants weather and most everyone had a jacket, sweatshirt or sweater on while playing.
I expect my index number to go up over 30 for next month. It has creeped up since I stopped playing weekly. I've had it in the 20's for a number of years. I'm one of the worse regular golfers in the club.
But I still enjoy it and the fellowship I get out of being a part of the monthly event makes up for my lack of skill. Might be time for a tune up or two. Or some practice. Or both.

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