Thursday, March 03, 2011

This Is An Important SCOTUS Decision

The Supreme Court voted 8-1 yesterday to uphold the Westboro Baptist Church's right to protest at military funerals. Here's a link. (it was also a front page under the fold story at the Wall St Journal this morning)
Let's be clear on something. I can't stand the WBC. I think its shameful to picket their message at military funerals. I'm glad when the counter-protesters show up en masse and drown out the WBC message.
But, I believe the WBC has the absolute right to protest their vile message at military funerals or damn near any place else for that matter. Their free speech is just the speech that needs protecting by the 1st Amendment. Where do you draw the slippery slope?
I would imagine that some would find Joe's Big Blog offensive. Between the church bashing cartoons and the girly pics, well, I piss people off sometimes. And, like the WBC, my speech on this blog warrants protection under the 1st Amendment. Because if we deny scum like the WBC their free speech, yours and mine are next.

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