Friday, February 25, 2011


Haven't seen Lucy Pinder in a while.

This Made Me Chuckle

This Kills Me

I Want A Pair Of These

This Kills Me.


I'm not sure what that means, but I think it has something to do with her ample bosom. I think its a sharp pic of a red head.

Upon Edit, "jagungas" is slang for boobies on the larger side. Here's the Urban Dictionary take on it.

This Is My Shower

We've spent a mint of money on plumbing in the condo since we moved in. The expense before last was replacing the fixtures in our master shower. It is damn near impossible to get a comfortable temp in said shower. Bugs the hell out of me.

This Is Sad

One of the smartest things Chuck and Nicole did is they bought Kyleigh two identical lovies. (she calls them "woobies") Kyleigh lost one at Wal Mart a while ago and she was pretty upset about it. Fortunately they had a backup and all was not lost.

I Like This

I poached this from SDD.

This Kills Me

Uh Oh

I was under the assumption (and that's what happens when you assume) that our health with retirement was part of the PEER80 program. In conversation with Todd (who is our Shop Steward in Home Delivery), he seems to think it may not be so. Chuck B called the pension and health offices and didn't get the answers that we're entitled to. Here's another case of people forgetting who they work for.
Anyway, Todd is going to find out for us about the health. When we voted on the health in the first place, it wasn't a slam dunk. There's an undercurrent of younger people (younger than me, anyway) that want out of the health with retirement. And, the company wants us out of it so they can save more money. I'm not sure how sold our Teamster leadership is on keeping the health or not.
It will really fuck my plans up if we don't get a contract and we don't vest in the health. I do vest in the PEER80 retirement, so all isn't lost.

Quote From FDR In 1937

“The right to bargain collectively is at the bottom of social justice for the worker, as well as the sensible conduct of business affairs. The denial or observance of this right means the difference between despotism and democracy."

Look At The Link

X had a good link to this story about life and death 11,500 years ago in Alaska. Give it a look.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sandra Brings Home The Bacon

I forgot to mention that when Sandra and the gang were checking out of the hotel in Vegas for the drive home, Sandra had seen one of "her" slots not being played. 10 minutes later, as Nicole is calling her on the cell phone to hurry up and get in the car that the valet had brought around, Sandra bangs a $1350 jackpot. Her timing couldn't have been better.
She gave me a couple of hundred of her winnings when she got home. I will say that whenever Sandra has hit a good sized jackpot, she shares it with me. So, I got online to Island Hemp Wear this morning and ordered me three hemp Aloha shirts. I've got 6 of them already, but I've eaten myself out of wearing them. The selection of XXXL shirts was kind of lacking, though I did find three of them in prints I don't already own. Hopefully they'll fit over my fat belly.

Leia's Dressed Up

This Made Me Laugh Too

This Kills Me Three

I Won't Kiss Them, But I'll Eat Them

Like she's really going to kiss the lobster.


This Kills Me Too


This is something you don't see every day.

This Made Me Laugh

You need to be keeping up on current events to get this one. Keep me employed and read the Merc.

This Kills Me

This Reminds Me Of The Asshole At Work

who is not allowed to speak to me. He loves the quotation marks. He needs a personality transplant.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Buying This For Sandra

This will be my Valentine's Day gift to her next year. Assuming I can sneak into her drawer and poach her size.

Sandra's Weight Loss Continues

Sandra put on a pair of shorts the other day that were high waisted like the pair on Kelly Brook here. Whoo baby! I don't really ask her, but I think she's lost over 105 pounds since the bypass. Good for her!

Another One For Da Rev

This is a repeat from a couple of years ago, but since Da Rev hasn't seen it, its worthy of being seen again.

A Golf Joke

A woman runs into the clubhouse of her golf course and shouts “Help me, please; I was just stung by a bee.” She pleaded.
“Where?” The manager asked
“Between the first and second holes!” She screamed.
“I can help you with your problem....” The calm clubhouse Pro announced.
“Your Stance is too Wide.”

Tracy fb'ed this to me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

At The Hockey Game

I don't quite know what happened at Y&T, but I was balls ass tired when the alarm went off to get up for the hockey game on Sunday. I didn't want to pass up a game so I drug my ass out of bed, got cleaned up and drove out to Stockton to see the game.
It turned out to be a good thing, because Stockton beat Victoria 4-0. I took these pics with my cell phone, for a Razr2 they're not half bad. They're not half good either, the newer phones have much better cameras. I'm about due for a new phone, but I bought a new battery for mine and I guess I'll keep it a bit longer. I would like a smart phone, maybe an Android powered one. My boy Todd downloaded the app to be able to post text and pics directly from his phone. Now how cool would that be?

Y&T Rocked The House

With Sandra off in Vegas for the weekend, I made the drive to Santa Cruz by myself to see the great band Y&T. Jimmy B was there with his wife Kim, as his son was ill and couldn't make it. They sat up in the balcony for most of the show before coming down to the floor. I stood on the floor in the back.
This would be the first show I've seen Y&T play since the death of bassist Phil Kennimore. I don't know who they picked up to play bass, but he held his own.
They opened up with a new song, "On With The Show" and it told the story of continuing to play shows after tragedy. Later in the gig they did dedicate a song to Phil's memory, but that was about it. People wanted to party and rock out, to celebrate Phil and what the band means to them, not get bogged down in feeling sorry for each other.
This is the 30th anniversary of Earthshaker, their third release. This record got them back in the game and some of their best music came out of the 81-85 period. Three of my favorite songs were played, Knock You Out, Hell or High Water, and Hurricane. As on the record, right after HOHW came Forever, in which the crowd sang all the words. Even with my failing memory, I remembered all the words and sang along. It was just like 30 years ago.
I stayed for the entire show and left for home, after a quick stop at the Taco Bell drive thru. Jimmy and Kim stayed until the band came out to sign stuff and take pictures. I've always wanted to meet Dave Meniketti and maybe someday I will. This is where the stutter is a pain in the ass. I can't be sure I'll get everything out in an understandable manner and I have fear of looking foolish. So it keeps me from doing things.
I've said this before on the blog, but it bears repeating. Y&T isn't just a local band made good to me, or just a band I've been watching for 30+ years, or anything like that. They're a band that to me is as good as AC/DC, Van Halen and Boston. Every. Bit. As. Good. In fact, IIRC, Van Halen used to open for Y&T back in the LA club days. Now that's a rockin' show.
If you ever have a chance to see Y&T, don't pass it up.
The poor pics are from my cell phone. Jimmy B took some good video of Black Tiger from up above the stage by where he and Kim were sitting.

I Like The Body Mud

I Like Stickers

The Word Is "you're"

Wave Rock

This is Wave Rock. Its in Australia. Here's the wiki. This is pretty sharp.

I Like Fishnets

Grow Hemp

Another one from the protests.

Jordan The Farmgirl

Collective Bargaining Is The Way To Go

From last week's protests in Madison WI.

I Was Asleep

in Big James' bathtub. After I heaved in the sink. Call me a winner.

This Kills Me

Be Glad It Wasn't Greek

This Is Soooo Boss!

I'd ride this.

Kind Of Looks Like Josh

but with more hair. And, what the hell are you doing on someone's ass?

This Is True

And I've seen better pics of Mila Kunis than this one.

The Answer Is "Yes"

Any Month Is A Good Month

for girls in Octoberfest gear.

You Can't See Our Insignia

I guess you would need a crane to right such a machine that's upside down.